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HLS and HTML 5 (Apple)




RTMP (Open Flash™)

  1. HTML is a standard created by THE WORLD WIDE WEB CONSORTIUM to create and present video content on the WWW (Internet). It's a competitor to FLASH.
  2. HTML 5 has features like video playback and drag and drop that have been only available via “plug ins” to browsers like outlook. Apple has become a chief proponent. Its capabilities are similar to Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight.
  3. Great Article in Streaming Media Magazine about HTML5
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  5. ABR: Adaptive Rate Streaming Explained

  1. Wikipedia Article about DASH

RTMP is a Streaming Protocol associated with Adobe's Flash Player -- Made Very Popular by YOUTUBE

RTMP is a protocol used by the Adobe Flash Player to deliver real time video, and audio using an IP connection or a polling HTTP tunnel.

The protocol is a container for data packets which may be in Action Message Format or a Format called raw audio/video data found in the Flash Video Format.

Amazingly a single connection is capable of multiplexing many streams using different channels. Within these channels packets are split up into fixed size "chunks".

RTMPT is an HTTP wrapper around the RTMP protocol that is sent using POST requests from the client to the server. Because of the non-persistent nature of HTTP connections, RTMPT requires the clients to poll for updates periodically in order to get notified about events that are generated by the server or other clients.

RTMP is a very robust protocol for Video and Audio and is often the methodology used by CDN's to Ingest Video and Audio into their networks.


SilverLight™ - HTTP

The CDNS Who We Test With

Great References about Streaming

Microsoft's Live Smooth Streaming

Microsoft's Smooth Streaming extends Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 Media Services to provide adaptive streaming of media to Silverlight clients via HTTP.

Live Smooth Streaming is based on a scalable delivery method that makes full use of HTTP caches and segments.

Live Smooth Streaming brings PVR-style access and navigation to live video streams. Viewers can now join events in progress, quickly locate the beginning to catch up, rewind, pause, resume and return to the live broadcast.

The advantage of using HTTP-based delivery is that the existing HTTP infrastructure greatly increases live event availability. With HTTP, CDNs and content providers can take advantage of all the resources of their network without overrunning network capacity and disconnecting users from live events.

HTTP is a well established "open standard" protocol adopted by Internet users to deliver web pages and content.

  1. Akamai *
  2. Limelight
  3. Tata
  4. Verizon *
  5. Highwinds
  6. Octoshape
  7. CDNetworks
  8. Internap
  9. Ustream *
  10. Mirror Image
  11. Tulix *

* Certified

  1. Jan Ozer's Web Site: Streaming Learning Center - The Best!

Some Set Top Boxes and Middleware We Test With (in our labs)

  1. Amino
  2. ROKU
  3. Atlanta DTH
  4. Beesmart

Silverlight™: Microsoft Corp
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