Audio and Video over IP Jitter Correction appliance to give you near perfect quality over long haul or multiple hops

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Jitter Box IP/IP™

Real time, 1 RU, quick starting, standards compliant, Linux® based, web manageable, multistream, video and audio stream Jitter correcting appliance designed to correct any type of packet jitter typically caused by fiber optic or microwave circuits.  Will fix jitter so you can stream video to PCR timing sensitive video devices.  VoIP platforms face similar packet jitter issues.  Poor voice quality is the result.  This device also fixes audio jitter.


Intel Platinum Partner      linux      iptv

Jitter is inevitable in all digital transmissions. Well designed transmission equipment can tolerate some jitter. Excessive jitter overwhelms most routers. Both video and audio streams are affected by jitter. Jitter manifests itself via video artifacts and audio jitter causes audio artifacts.

MPEG transport streams have become the de facto video media transport via IP. PCR timing compliant transport streams are essential for streaming transport streams to sensitive devices such as modulators, muxers, decoders, and encapsulators.  However, many IP transport streams are asynchronous, which makes them prone to jitter when they are sent to PCR time sensitive devices.  The Jitter Box IP/IP corrects PCR in non PCR IP stream formats like HLS or RTMP.

Audio packets utilize less bandwidth but are equally jitter prone.  Audio jitter plagues VoIP platforms and results in audio breakup.  Appliances like the Jitter Box IP/IP or DOZER™ are needed to fix audio that travels long hops.

This product "came to be" since DVEO equipment has had to interoperate with Harmonic®, Ericsson®, Cisco®, and Arris™ video equipment.  We had to develop world class techniques to survive.


  • Guaranteed to improve jitter for real-time video or audio over IP transport
  • Inputs/Outputs: 2 each Gig/E ports
  • Input:  One GigE IP input (H.264, MPEG-2, or optional H.265) – UDP, RTP, RTSP, HTTP, HTTP Live, RTMP (pushed from Flash server)
  • IP Output protocols: UDP or RTP via unicast or multicast
  • Jitter Box does not parse streams
  • Web GUI is manageable from anywhere – includes some scheduling
  • Ships with designated IP addresses on each unit but IP address and ports can be remapped to different ones if necessary in the remote network  
  • Configurable destination port on listener for firewall traversal
  • Can output UDP on a local network to one or many different devices using second Ethernet port on unit
  • Performance certified with sensitive ETR 290 TS Analyzer for PCR specifications compliance
  • Also available: Rack mount 1 RU – Jitter Box IP/IP RK
  • Supports multiple SPTS or MPTS streams simultaneously


Real time VoIP Jitter Correction

  • Streaming to hardware devices that need PCR compliance
  • Receiving RTP and sending it to a muxer
  • Converting HLS streams to PCR compliant UDP streams
  • Improving jitter in VoIP networks