VOD And IP Delivery Upgrades For DVEO Encoders And Transcoders Via New ATLAS VOD Server Software

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ATLAS LIVE ™: Standalone or Add On Option for DVEO Encoders and Transcoders
Powerful Server Upgrade to our encoders. Adds Ability to Natively Support Many More Users to our Gearbox, Brutus, Polycoder, and MultiStreamer Family. Supports 500+ Simultaneous Users, Depending on Config. Also Supports New Containers like DASH.
DOZER™ ARQ (Automatic Repeat Request): LIC
License for “DVEO Dozer”. This technology automatically corrects packet loss for UDP Streams traversing Public Internet. Available as a Permanent License for your encoders and decoders. Ideal for CDNs who need to ingest video at the edge. This is a thin client that sits on the IP stack and manages the UDP packets so they don't get dropped. This patented applet will eliminate the need for CDN and Satellite Networks for Content Distributors and Multiplayer Game Developers.
Adds Autoarchiving and VOD to our Encoders and Transcoders. Supports 500+ Users with VOD and Go Back TV.

Adds SERVER Capability to DVEO Real Time Encoders or Transcoders so that we support many more simultaneous users natively. Ingests 30+ H.264 Streams and Instantly Prepares (Grooms) these to 30+ H.264 Profiles for use by Different Devices at Different IP Speeds for 500+1000 users. Adds Wrappers, and Containers in REAL TIME to Incoming Transcoded Streams. (This grooms them for different types of devices.) This Server reduces your need for a CDN if you have good bandwidth and are serving local users since a large number of users can be served natively. Ideal for schools, hospitals, and stadiums… The number of users supported depends on bit rates, resolutions, CPU speed, network bandwidth. A second function of ATLAS LIVE is to offer containers and wrappers like DASH and H.265.

Licensable by CDNs, MSO's, and IP STB Manufacturers.

DOZER APR: LIC <sup>™</sup>

Dozer Packet Loss Solution Fix  Linux ip.tv

Adds More SERVER Capacity to DVEO Real Time Encoders or Transcoders and supports VOD, etc. Ingests 30+ MPEG-2 or H.264 Streams and Instantly Transcodes (Grooms) these to 120+ H.264 Profiles for use by Different Devices or for Different IP Speeds. Adds Wrappers, and Containers in REAL TIME to these Incoming Transcoded Streams. (This grooms them for different types of devices.) Thereafter Caches or Auto Archives these folders with some policy you set and Keeps Alive and Serves both these "Real Time Groomed" Files and any already ingested Files (Groomed) for 500+ VOD seeking Users. Perfect for TELCOs, Stadiums, Schools… This option depends on Hard/SSD Drives and more memory.

Software Applet for Packet Loss Recovery for UDP Traffic Congested Networks. This Software Implements DVEO®’s PatentedTechnique for Creating Adjustable Buffers and Tagging Packets, Tunneling Between End Points, and Presenting Packets in a Good Order. This Applet Works with Any Ethernet Port and Requires Only Some Extra Packet Buffer Space on the Host Memory. It Interoperates Perfectly with All IP Switches and Routers. Fundamentally it Mimics Some of the TCP Protocol Even Though Following UDP Traffic Signaling. DOZER ARQ (Automatic Repeat Request): LIC Offers Great Advantages to Companies Building Most Any Video Distribution Products, File Transfer Software Applications, VOIP Appliances, or Managed or Conditioned Lines and Networks.

DOZER ARQ: LIC “Pushes Through” routers and enables IPTV operators and Over The Top video providers to improve their video distribution by enabling smooth low delay High Definition and Adaptive video streaming. It’s the ideal technology for CDN operators or mobile network operators who are deploying vast networks across their own and others’ backbones. The DOZER ARQ: LIC optimizes IP capacity utilization by managing and optimizing video packet throughput.

Standard Features:

  • Addable feature to Proxicaster™, MultiStreamer™, Gearbox™, Brutus™, Gearbox II™, and D-Streamer™ product lines
  • Automated Packet Recovery: Unlike FEC protocols, it only sends extra data when packet loss is detected by the DOZER receiver and reported to the DOZER sender
  • Protocol eliminates packet loss and corrects for internet jitter and packet reordering
  • Underlying traffic is AES128 encrypted by DOZER, but not examined
  • Inputs/Outputs: 2 each Gig/E ports
  • Supports IP UDP unicast and multicast, in or out
  • Uses packet retransmission methodology developed by DVEO®
  • Ships with designated IP addresses
  • Will not examine the transport stream. It merely forwards all packets.
  • IP address and ports can be remapped to different ones if necessary in the remote network
  • All Dozer communication is encrypted with AES128
  • Configurable destination port on listener for firewall traversal
  • Can be configured for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint functionality
  • Supports up to four destinations in primary/backup or split transmission configuration for redundant or load balanced setups
  • Each device can be configured as a sender, a receiver, or both
  • One DOZER transmitter can send 50+ channels to 32 DOZER receivers
  • Each receiver device can output UDP on a local network to one or many different devices using second Ethernet port
  • DOZER Transmitter-Receiver connections are authenticated with user name and password for additional security
  • Performance certified with WAN Emulator Appliance testing


  • Smooth Error Free Delivery of Compressed Video Across Public Internet with Guaranteed Upload and Download
  • Transits Most Firewalls
  • Saves Money versus Private Point to Point Connections
  • Can be added to most of our products and others' products
  • All Content is Encrypted with AES128 between units
  • Linux® based reliability
  • Can eliminate need for satellite delivery of point-to-point

Current Applications:

  • Streaming live news and sports programming over congested LANs or WANs
  • Backup to Dedicated IP for Video Delivery with delivery over Public Internet, including studio-to-transmitter links
  • Replacing satellite backhaul and dedicated point-to-point lines with DOZER at end points
  • Protecting point to point traffic with strong AES128 encryption
  • Eliminating packet loss across Metro WDM and other long haul backbones
  • Point to Multipoint Content or Data Delivery

media dozer

Available on Request. Test Results using our Apposite WAN emulator.