Analog NTSC Television RF To MPEG-2 or H.264 IP Encoders – Some Places Are Transmitting Analog TV And Wish To Repurpose Analog RF For IPTV

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OnRamp Analog RF (NTSC)
8 Tuners/IP™
  A-Coder™ Analog/10ch/ASI+IP   HCoder™ 4-16ch Analog/IP
Modular Analog capture  with IP out

OnRamp Analog RF (NTSC) 8Ch/IP™

Linux  iptv  MPEG-2  Intel Platinum Partner



iptv  MPEG-2  



Professional Grade, Rackmounted, Multichannel Embedded Linux® Based Analog RF to IP Gateway that Integrates Eight of Our PC Bus Based Analog RF Receivers and De-encapsulates and Routes Selected or All Transport Streams to Any MAC Address via IP – UDP, RTP, or HTTP. Can Work as a Low Cost “Front End” in Small VOD Implementations. Typically the Desired Streams are Streamed in Real Time via IP Multicast or Unicast Streams to IP Set Top Boxes (STB's) Such as Amino, or Designated VLC or JW Player Equipped PC clients for Viewing. This Product will allow you to Monitor your ATSC Broadcast and those of your Neighboring Stations on any PC.

Broadcast Quality, Full Featured, Magnum Chip Based, Remotely Manageable, 1 RU, 4 to 10 Channel Standard Definition MPEG-2 and H.264 Encoder and Multiplexer with up to 10 CVBS Inputs and Simultaneous ASI and IP Outputs. Audio Support Includes Analog In, MPEG-1 Layer II or MPEG-2 AAC Out. Features Dual Power Supply and Advanced Video Filtering, plus Jitter-Free, Industry Compliant Transport Streams. Tested to Work with Most Decoders and with Atlas™, Wowza™ and Adobe® Flash® Servers. Ships with your Choice of 4, 6, 8, or 10 Channels.

Real time Linux® based multichannel Analog CVBS (composite) AVC/H.264 audio and video HD live encoder with 4 to 16 CVBS inputs and 4 to 16 IP outputs.  Supports input and output resolutions up to 1080p at 60 fps.  Streams to Ustream and Atlas™, Wowza®, and Adobe® Flash® Servers.  Optional HDMI version available.

Standard Features:

  • Encapsulates transport streams into IP packets
  • Simultaneously receives transport streams from a mixture of one to eight analog RF inputs
  • Analog RF input
  • IP Output:  IP – UDP, RTP, HTTP
  • PID filtering
  • Supports MPEG-1 Layer II audio inputs and outputs
  • 400 Mbps IP raw output capability
  • Transmits PAT, PMT, and PCR information
  • Receives and transmits at the same time
  • Remote configuration management via Web Browser and Secure Shell (SSH)
  • Supports NTSC content
  • Based on embedded Linux®
  • For system with up to 15 Mbps IP transcoded H.264 or optional H.265 output capability, see Gearbox™
  • Available with optional DC Power supply


  • Create hybrid analog/digital headend
  • IPTV Unicasting, Multicasting, Streaming
  • Telco TV
  • Front-end to VOD
  • Streaming to designated VideoLAN VLC or similar clients, or to Roku®, Amino™, or other set-top boxes


  • Encodes Analog (CVBS) video to ASI and/or IP
  • Inputs: Composite video – 4, 6, 8, or 10 inputs, depending on system ordered
  • Outputs: Simultaneously multiplexes transport streams into
    • Two identical ASI outputs (one main, one backup)
    • One muxed IP output (UDP/ RTP)
  • Supports IP unicast and multicast
  • ASI output bit rate: Up to 70 Mbps
  • Resolutions: 720x480/60i, 720x576/50i
  • Supports VBR or CBR – Unusual Feature
  • Audio Input: Analog
  • Audio Output: MPEG-1 Layer II and MPEG-2 AAC
  • Configure and operate via front panel controls or remote management
  • Magnum chip based – results in incredible quality


  • Re-encoding analog video for transmission over satellite uplinks or cable (ASI)
  • Encoding analog video for transmission over IP
  • Delivery of live video program streams to the head-end or production studio
  • Analog front end for video servers


  • Inputs:  Simultaneously captures up to 16 Analog inputs
  • Outputs:  16 simultaneous IP TS streams (RTMP or UDP)
  • Outputs two RTMP streams per channel (main stream & 2nd Stream) to different media servers
  • IP output protocols:  RTMP, RTSP, UDP, HTTP, HLS, FLV and ONVIF
  • Output resolutions: 1920x1080, 1680x1056, 1280x720, 1024x576, 850x480, 720x576, 720x540, 720x480, 720x404, 704x576, 640x480, 640x360, 608x448, 544x480, 480x480, 480x384, 480x360, 480x320, 480x272, 480x270, 400x320, 400x224, 352x480, 352x228, 320x256, 320x240, 320x180, 240x180, 176x144
  • Audio encoding:  AAC
  • Adjustable output stream bit rate – 0.1 to 32 Mbps
  • Can insert text and .BMP photos as stream logo for main stream & second stream
  • Remotely manageable
  • Supports firmware upgrades
  • Low power consumption – 90 watts
  • Optional version available with 4 to 16 HDMI inputs


  • reEncoding content for Dormitories and Apartments
  • Streaming video to CDNs and web sites like Ustream®, Wowza, Akamai®, Octoshape™, Verizon®, etc.
  • NVR (Net Video Recorder)
  • University or corporate training webcasts
  • Hotel or cruise ship TV systems
  • Video Conferencing
  • Digital Signage
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