Multichannel 8VSB to QAM Gateway

Multichannel 8VSB To QAM Gateway Via 8VSB To IP And IP To QAM

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OnRamp 8VSB 8 Tuners/IP™

Forwards ALL or Selected MPEG-2 Streams Over IP. Works well with dedicated IP. We also can transcode to H.264 with options.


EdgeQAM IP/16-48ch™
EdgeDVB-C IP/16-48ch™

48 IP Streams In, Remuxed to 48 QAMs
or DVB-C's



OnRamp 8VSB 8 Tuners/IP™

atsc  Linux  iptv  Intel Platinum Partner
EdgeQAM IP/16-48ch™
EdgeDVB-C IP/16-48ch™EdgeDVB-C IP/2-24ch™EdgeDVB-C IP 2-24ch
ReMod, Re Mod, Remod

ReMod, Re Mod, Remod

Professional Grade, Rackmounted, Multi Tuner (8) Embedded Linux® Based 8VSB to IP Gateway that Integrates Eight of Our PC Bus Based 8VSB RF Receivers and De-encapsulates and Routes Selected or All Transport Streams to Any MAC Address via IP – UDP, RTP, or HTTP. Can Work as a Low Cost “Front End” in Small VOD Implementations. Typically the Desired Streams are Streamed in Real Time via IP Multicast or Unicast Streams to IP Set Top Boxes (STB's) Such as Amino, or Designated VLC or JW Player Equipped PC Clients for Viewing. This product will allow you to monitor your ATSC Broadcast and those of your neighboring stations on any PC...

A High Density 1 RU "Edge QAM" IP to QAM Modulator Gateway with Redundant Power Supplies, Redundant Gigabit (Gig/E) Inputs, and Up to 48 QAM (ITU-T J.83 Annex A/C, Annex B 64/256QAM) Modulators. Sixteen RF Ports on Three Plug-In Modules. Perfect Companion to OnRamp QAM 8 Tuners/IP™ to Deliver QAM over IP and Reconstruct it Back to QAM at Other End. Will Multiplex IP to Desired QAM Channels...

Broadcast Quality 8VSB Receiver. Decodes 8VSB RF to ASI and IP streams with VCT (Virtual Channel Table) conversion. 1 RU frame with one single channel 8VSB demodulator module and one DVB-ASI modulator. Designed to re-broadcast custom made programs for the same or different modulations.

ReMod, Re Mod, Remod

Standard Features:

  • Encapsulates transport streams into IP packets
  • Simultaneously receives transport streams from one to eight 8VSB sources -- terrestrial digital or analog RF
  • IP Output:  IP – UDP, RTP, HTTP
  • MPEG-2 inputs and outputs or H.264 inputs and outputs
  • Supports SD and HD formats
  • Incorporates PID filtering
  • 400 Mbps IP raw output capability
  • Transmits PAT, PMT, and PCR information in “stream all” mode
  • Remote configuration management via Web Browser and Secure Shell (SSH ) 
  • Supports NTSC or PAL content  
  • Based on embedded Linux®
  • For system with up to 15 Mbps IP transcoded H.264 or optional H.265 output capability, see Gearbox™ 8VSB 8 Tuners/IP
  • Available with optional DC Power supply


  • IPTV Unicasting, Multicasting, Streaming
  • Telco TV via CDNs
  • Front-end to VOD
  • Streaming to designated VideoLAN VLC or similar clients, or to Roku®, Amino™, or other set-top boxes

Onramp 8VSB/IP™ connector



Standard Features:

  • Supports re-multiplexing and output in 48-channel QAM or 24-channel OFDM
  • Features Pro-MPEG FEC
  • Inputs: ASI (four different sources) and GBE IP streams (up to 256 SPTS)
  • Input format: SPTS or MPTS, SD or HD
  • Outputs: 16, 32, or 48 RF-QAM channels or 24 DVB-T channels for both SD and HD programs
  • 1 RU modular system with 16 QAM outputs per module and up to 3 modules (48 channels)
  • Supports stream processing including PID remapping and EPG data insertion
  • Supports DVB simulcrypt scrambling for up to 4000 H.264 SD programs and output in QAM or AFDM
  • Configuration and monitoring programs via NMS, Web GUI, or SNMP
  • IP Management: IGMPv1, IGMPv2, IGMPv3
  • Protocols: Unicast or Multicast
  • Supports up to 48 QAM-RF channels from 48 to 862 MHz organized as 3 independent groups of 16 channels
  • QAM support for ITU-T J.83 Annex A/C, Annex B (64/256QAM)
  • Power consumption approximately 100 watts


  • Cable systems
  • VOD
  • Schools and hotels


  • Input:  8VSB, in RF format – Embedded HD/SD tuner
  • Outputs:  DVB-ASI
  • VCT conversion:  Up to 32 programs at once
  • VCT conversion capabilities (Program ID, Program Major Number and program minor number)
  • VCT converter supports IP and ASI inputs 
  • VCT converter supports IP and ASI outputs
  • Supports Pro-MPEG FEC on IP input
  • Enables EIT Table to be associated with the channel
  • PSIP display – PAT, PMT, MGT, VCT, EIT, STT
  • New preview screen displays decoded output
  • Optional FAULT contact output
  • ETS 302 307 standard compliant
  • White noise addition over modulated signal to have desired C/N ratio
  • SNMP (10/100/1000 Ethernet) remote web-based LAN management
  • Firmware upgradeable via Internet


  • Re-broadcast custom made programs for the same or different modulations
  • 8VSB to DVB-ASI converter
  • 8VSB to IP converter

ReMod, Re Mod, Remod

Quick Start Guide (pdf)