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Mavio™ 4K UHD H.264/H.265 Video Server
4K Ultra High Definition Uncompressed Video Server with Quad Link 3G HD-SDI Output and Built-in Upconverter
  Xaris™ SDI/2ch   MVP 101

Xaris™ SDI/2ch



MVP 101

1RU Ultra High Definition digital video server with Quad Link 3G HD-SDI output and built-in scheduling. Can be used as a single channel 4K Ultra HD video player or a 4 channel Full HD video player. Decodes and plays back directly from compressed video files with 10-bit color depth for High Dynamic Range content. Ingests HD or 4K compressed video files on to its local hard drive via Gigabit Ethernet or USB port. It can be configured for “looping” playback and so makes a perfect 4K video source for video walls, museums, digital signage, and 4K proof of concept implementation. A set of easy to use web pages provides a versatile user interface via a web browser with interactive playback control. It can also be remotely controlled via HTTP RESTful API.

Affordable Broadcast Quality Automated Video Server with Single or Dual Channel SDI/HD-SDI I/O. Records and Plays in a Scheduled or Sequential Mode. Supports H.264/MPEG-2 Video Formats and Embedded Audio. Provides File Compatibility with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier. Organizes Media Assets via our AssetBase. Designed to Provide a Simple Reliable Content Playout for TV Stations and Cable Head-Ends.

Remote controlled 2 synchronised channel ( 3D) MPEG-2 HD or SD player with SDI or HD SDI out. Feature rich with schedulable and automated play control, VCR like manual controls, remote XML show control interface, and synchronizable outputs between units for stereo (3D) projection. Targeted at Theme Parks and Museums where sophistication and reliability are valued.


  • Outputs:  4K Ultra HD (2160p) or 4 independent channels of Full HD (up to 1080p) on Quad Link 3G HD-SDI
  • Supports multiple output frame rates up to 60 fps
  • 10 bit output precision supports high dynamic range imaging (HDR)
  • Real time decode and play back from compressed video files
  • Up to 16 channels of embedded PCM or pre-compressed audio output
  • Upconverts any video resolution to UHD in real time
  • Multi-viewer mode that combines 4 HD video as a single 4K Ultra HD output
  • Convenient web browser user interface with proxy video display for monitoring during playback
  • Playlist with looping option for continuous playback of multiple hours of Full HD/Ultra HD Video programs
  • Includes playlist scheduler
  • Audio delay adjustment
  • Vertical Ancilliary Data output
  • Test Pattern Generation
  • Supports closed captioning
  • Front load SSD or HDD, configurable from 256 GBytes to 16 TBytes
  • Dual Ethernet port for content upload and video server management
  • Optional Dual Redundant Power Supply
  • Optional 10G Ethernet Interface for fast file upload


  • UHD Broadcast Video Playout Server

    With scalable storage, direct playback from mezzanine compressed 4K UHD video files, and playlist support, the Mavio is a cost-effective playout server for 4K Ultra HD broadcast services.

  • R&D, Testing, and Demo Server

    Ideal for use as a 4K UHD video source in R&D, long term regression testing, or trade show demos of 4K UHD video processing or encoding equipment.

  • HD Playout Server

    Can be used as a Full HD (up to 1080p60) video player with 4 independent channels, and 10-bit color depth to support High Dynamic Range content. The system provides a seamless transition path from HD to Ultra HD.

  • Video walls
  • Museums
  • Digital signage
  • Sports arenas and concert venues
  • UHD Post Production

Standard Features:

  • 1 or more SDI/HD-SDI inputs
  • 1 or more SDI/HD-SDI outputs
  • Up to 16 channels of Embedded Audio per video channel
  • VTR control for control and capture from tape
  • Playlist for advanced play out
  • Scheduler for capture and playback
  • Import video via “Watch Folder” for play out without need of transcoding
  • Supported video formats:  MPEG-2, H.264, DV, and DVCPRO
  • Auto proxy creation for capture and imported content
  • AssetBase to manage metadata and content
  • Clip viewer to help preview or identify high res content without sacrificing a high resolution channel
  • All video processing is done in software:
    • Encoding/decoding
    • Muxing/demuxing
    • Up conversion, down conversion
    • Frame rate conversion
    • Color space conversion, etc.
  • Generates an as-run log for every playlist
  • Multiple codec support, plus the ability to add support for additional video formats
  • Modular design -- buy only the components you need: capture, playback, VTR control, playlist, archive manager, etc.


  • “Master” playout server
  • Upgrade or expand your SD infrastructure to HD
  • Commercial insertion
  • Post production integration
  • VTR for general broadcast applications

Standard Features:

  • Support for all major SD and HD standards including all ATSC standards
  • Including 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p
  • Video up and down scaling
  • Support for Dolby E and MPEG-1 audio
  • Includes 2 ea 160GB HD for long loops
  • Supports optional cable or satellite receiver cards
  • SDK available for 3rd party controls
  • 160 GB hot-swap data disk, Linux OS booting from flash
  • Support both TS and PS file formats, Broadcast / D-Cinema bitrates
  • Intuitive GUI configures and controls all player functions over IP
  • SML-playlist supporting show control
  • Date and Time-scheduled full-automated playback
  • Show control via RS422

Mavio Datasheet

mavio datasheet

MVP Datasheet

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