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Professional Test Solutions, Encoders, Decoders, TRanscoders, PlayServers, and Ad Inserters to Help you Migrate to IP

IPTV And VOD Key Server Via AES 128 or WIDEVINE or Verimatrix DRM And Content Encryption And Content Security For VOD And Live IP Video Servers

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Key-a-Minute VOD Key Server

DVEO's own AES 128 encryption key server with low license fee for Linux or Android clients


5 Different Encryption Methodologies Supported by DVEO Streaming Appliances and Servers



The Best of Breed for IP TV... Now Available via Our Live Encoders and Restreamer Add On

Key-a-Minute AES
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  1. AES 128: Static Key AES 32 Bit encryption over UDP
  3. Simulcrypt Hand off from DISH TV and reencrypted via VCAS or WIDEVINE
  4. Verimatrix® VCAS™ add on module for any of our encoders or transcoders
  5. WIDEVINE now supported by DVEO

Call Us about our CAS or DRM support for your OTT and IPTV!!

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Stand alone, 1 RU, highly secure, real time, Apache NginX Linux® Based, Rotating or Dynamic Key Server Designed to serve fresh AES-128 or DAES-128 encrypted keys once a minute via IP or other links to protect high value media from hackers.  We provide an easy to use AES ciphering interface that can be adapted for multiple devices operating across public or private IP connections.  Runs on an AES encrypted HP DL360 server with dual redundant power supplies. Comes with compatible client modules for your middleware or mobile device.


Standard Features:

  • DAES-128 Encryption based on AES 128
  • Fully automated 32 bit encryption and decryption
  • Continuous Key Generation
  • Encryption and Decryption are done in real time with minimal added latency
  • Encryption process allows each packet to be individually encrypted
  • Keys are generated with following parameters:  Time Stamp Key, Media Object ID, Session Key, P In
  • Supports any kind of IP content delivery device that supports reasonable calculation ability
  • Key-a-Minute Server that contains master key can be locked up and the application runs in an encrypted eco system
  • Communication with the system is done over a secure SSL API using HTTP REST requests with security based on username and password, certificates, or source IP address
  • Remote management via HTTP
  • Supports H.264 streams and replicated
  • Configs can be saved
  • Comes with client decryption app for your STB or mobile device


  • Protecting IP TV systems from misuse


A Compact (7.5 Inches Wide) Multifunction End to End Router for AES 128 bit encrypting IP Video or other traffic. Sold in pairs.

PlayReady® from Microsoft
Direct or via

Linux ip.tvIntel Platinum Partner

PlayReady® is Microsoft Solution for DRM... It is certified with certain Movie and Premium Channels... It is well suited for OTT and IPTV. We support it directly or indirectly.


Compact (7.5 inches wide) IP Gateways for Reliable Delivery of video or audio traffic over UDP.  Offers error free distribution of MPEG-2, H.264, H.265, or audio over private or public Internet.

Ideal for content distribution from hub to affiliates who wish to carry your content.  Alternative to satellite content delivery.  Ideal technology for CDN Operators or mobile network operators who are deploying across long distances.  Sold in pairs or point-to-multipoint.  Also available in 1 RU and Software License Versions.


Standard Features:

  • Guarantees packet loss free and jitter free real-time video or VoIP transport on public or MPLS networks
  • Available with Failover Option
  • Underlying traffic is AES128 encrypted by Keycriptor
  • Inputs/Outputs: 2 each Gig/E ports
  • Supports IP UDP unicast and multicast, in or out
  • Will not examine the internal structure of the transport stream. It merely forwards all packets.
  • IP address and ports can be remapped to different ones if necessary in the remote network
  • Configurable destination port on listener for firewall traversal
  • Can be configured for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint functionality
  • Each device can be configured as a sender, a receiver, or both
  • One Keycriptor transmitter can send 50+ channels to 32 Keycriptor receivers
  • Each receiver device can output UDP on a local network to one or many different devices using second Ethernet port on unit
  • Also available: Rackmountable 1 RU – Keycriptor Rack™ IP/IP


  • Smooth Error Free Delivery of Compressed Video Across Public Internet with Guaranteed Upload and Download
  • Transits Most Firewalls
  • Saves Money versus Private Point to Point Connections
  • Can be added to most of our products and others' products
  • All Content is Encrypted with AES128 between units
  • Linux® based reliability
  • Can eliminate need for satellite delivery of point-to-point


  • Streaming live news and sports programming over congested LANs or WANs
  • Backup to Dedicated IP for Video Delivery with delivery over Public Internet, including studio-to-transmitter links
  • Replacing satellite backhaul and dedicated point-to-point lines with Keycriptors at end points
  • Protecting point to point traffic with strong AES128 encryption
  • Eliminating packet loss across Metro WDM and other long haul backbones
  • Works well with DOZER Link™ Encoders and Decoders
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