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Component Video reEncoder Satellite Receivers

Component Video reEncoder for Satellite Receivers

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Polycoder™ h/A 24ch IP

Cost Effective 1–24 Channel Analog Video and Audio to H.264 or Optional H.265 Encoder. Supports Multiple Output Profiles for Each… Works as Analog Audio Only Encoder Also. With Optional Atlas™ Add-on, Supports 1,000 RTMP, DASH, and/or HLS Users Natively.

Polycoder™ h/A 24ch IP

ip.tvlinuxIntel Platinum Partner

Cost-Effective, Real Time, Remotely Manageable, SD or HD, H.264/AVC Encoder. Supports Composite or Component Input Only and IP Output. Audio Support for AAC. Encodes at 1 to 12 Mbps. Ideal Encoder for Re-encoding YPrPb, DVI, or CVBS Analog Feeds. Perfect for Private IP Networks in Hotels, Bars, Etc. from Devices that Output Composite or Component Video and are Targeted at IP STB's via Multicast. Tested to Work with Wowza® and Adobe® Flash® Encoder Software.

Broadcast Grade, Real Time, 3 RU, Quick Starting, Embedded Linux® Based, 1–24 Channel Remotely Manageable, Analog to H.264 or Optional H.265 Encoder with Multiprotocol IP Output. Features Real Time Encoding of Content from Cameras or Video Servers Equipped with Analog (Composite) Outputs. Supports IP Unicast or Multicast Streams. Output Resolution is 480i, QCIF, or Any Other Resolution. Destination can be Inexpensive Set-Top Boxes or Our Own T-Ramp™ or D-Streamer IP/DIG™.


Standard Features:

  • Input: YPbPr, DVI, or CVBS
  • Output: transport stream over IP (UDP)
  • Compliant with H.264/MPEG-4 AVC standard
  • AAC audio encoding or Dolby Digital® AC-3 passthrough
  • Encoding bit rates: 1 Mbps to 12 Mbps
  • Configure and operate via web-based remote management
  • Constant Bit Rate (CBR)
  • Supports unicast or multicast
  • Tested to work with STB’s (set-top boxes)
  • Tested to work with Wowza® and Adobe® Flash® Encoder software 
  • 1 RU with mounting holes


  • Encoding analog video for transmission over IP
  • IPTV unicasting or multicasting
  • Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts
  • Streaming to designated VideoLAN VLC or similar clients, or to Roku®, Amino™, or other set-top boxes
  • Reduce MPEG-2 distribution bitrate by up to 60% with no change in picture quality

Standard Features:

  • Input format is analog (composite) video and/or audio
  • Outputs: Multiple simultaneous IP streams via GigE port (RJ45)
  • Encodes 24 SD inputs to H.264 or optional H.265
  • Encoding bit rates: .1 to 15 Mbps
  • Creates simultaneous High, Medium, and Low bitrate streams
  • Supports closed captioning  
  • Simultaneous demodulation, transcoding, and encapsulation
  • SNMP, REST, SOAP support for remote management and monitoring
  • Tested to work with Atlas™, Wowza®, and Adobe® Flash® media servers
  • Tested compatible with major brands of IP devices including Multiviewers, Amino™, Roku®, Telergy, Android™, and Apple iPad® and iPhone®
  • Tested compatible with major brands of professional H.265, H.264 and MPEG-2 decoders and video servers
  • Audio Input: L+R audio
  • Audio Output: AAC, MPEG-1 Layer II, optional MP3, and/or optional "SurCode for Dolby Digital" AC-3
  • Settings are remembered when power cycled
  • Based on embedded Linux®
  • Remote GUI includes some scheduling
  • Redundant power supply


  • IPTV conversion of analog channels in Hotels, etc.
  • Backhaul/Monitoring for Broadcasters
  • Military, Corporate Video, Religious Services, Special Events
  • Repurposing analog channels to Digital

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HCoder 4 16ch Analog IP Datasheet