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D TMB Modulator for use with China's DTV Standard

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Lantana™ IP/T-DMB

T-Streamer Lantana    
Windows     DVB

T-DMB Signal Generator with Frequency Agile T-DMB Modulator For Scheduled Playback of Encoded Video Clips From On Board Hard Drive or External Device Via BNC Connector. Perfect For Driving HD Video Content to Plasma Monitors in Retail Stores or to Any Private Cable Feed in Public Venues. This Device can Feed Either an Antenna or Coax Cable.

Small, Standalone, Multi-Function, Frequency Agile, T-DMB Modulator with Remote Management Software and Playback Scheduler. Accepts MPEG-2 or H.264 Streams (SPTS or MPTS) from Local USB "Stick" or SD Memory Card. Perfect Remotely Manageable RF Modulator with Local Storage, for Digital Signage, Trade Shows, Testing, and More. Modify Setup via Any Ethernet Connection – No Computer Required to Operate. Set Up Remotely and Forget. Will Play Multiple Stored Clips from Internal Play List via a Scheduler.


Standard Features:

  • Input: ETI files
  • Output: T-DMB (DAB)
  • Video capture via 100 BT or CD
  • One RF channel can have up to one HD and one SD stream, or three SD streams
  • On board transport stream files
  • Additional MPTS streams can be created for you and included on hard drive
  • Playout Scheduler -- schedule tasks (5 maximum) to run daily, weekly or monthly at a certain time
  • On board VHF/UHF RF output up-converter
  • Programmable RF output level (0.1 dB step)
  • RF Output Frequency: 36-2150 MHz
  • Payload = Up to 2.43 Mbps
  • 500 Gigabyte hard drive standard; Larger hard drive optional
  • Clip length can be 24 hours and larger hard drive can be accommodated
  • Continuous playback
  • Compliant with ETS 300401 and ETS 300799
  • Can include MyHD card for RF capture
  • Will Upconvert and Remux any rate DVB ASI transport stream to ATSC compatible rate
  • Optional hot swappable hard drive
  • Always on when power is on
  • Available in three forms:
    • 4 RU Rackmount with LCD touch panel interface
    • 1 RU Rackmount
    • Rugged portable “Lunch box”
  • Runs on Windows® XP or Windows® Vista
  • Ideal for live feeds to HD televisions in a sports bar or any public venue


  • Private "In House" TV operations
  • Engineering labs
  • HD monitor testing
  • Retail stores, restaurants, trade shows, universities

Main GUI (Click to enlarge)

Schedule Task (Click to enlarge)
Playout Scheduler (Click to enlarge)


  • Input: ETI files – plays ETI over SD memory card or USB stick
  • Accepts MPEG-2 or H.264 Streams (SPTS or MPTS)
  • Output:  T-DMB (DAB)
  • Compatible with ETSI 300401 and ETSI 300799
  • RF Output Frequency:  36-2150 MHz
  • Payload = Up to 2.43 Mbps
  • Field upgradeable – can be reprogrammed to add additional profiles or new firmware
  • Playback Scheduler for Day, Week, or Month
  • Ships with Java®-based application GUI
  • Programmable RF output level (0.1 dB step)
  • White noise addition over modulated signal to have desired C/N ratio
  • Sample transport streams available
  • Special Bundle Prices for multiple modulations
  • Works standalone and will reboot to configured state


  • Digital signage
  • In Store Demos of T-DMB receivers  
  • Sending HD video to multiple monitors in sports arenas and stadiums
  • Set-top box testing
8VSB Datasheet PDF
null Compression Rate Time Chart
Lantana IP T DMB Datasheet PDF