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VideoMirror/ASI™ 1-4 Channels

Video Mirror ASI/1-4 ChannelsStand Alone, Windows® Server Based, MPEG Transport Stream Archiving System for the Long Term Storage of SPTS or MPTS MPEG-2 or H.264 Streams that Includes an Easy to Use Indexing Facility for Retrieving Any Segment Quickly. For Continuous or Schedulable Playback and/or Capture of Selected Transport Streams - Includes TS Analyzer/Viewer, Remote Management, with Built-in Playout Scheduler.

Archiving transport streams is desirable in any transmission facility. This archiver stores streams in easy to use segments. The segments are 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, etc., minutes long. The segments are designated by date and time. This makes it easy to retrieve any segment for review.

The VideoMirror/ASI™ will accept a single or multi program MPEG-2 or H.264 transport stream. Remarkably, it has the ability to filter out streams from MPTS’s. This makes the process more efficient since only desired services are archived.

The VideoMirror/ASI was developed to allow video streams to be archived for future reference. Situations arise where a segment of broadcast video may need to be reviewed but it is not available because it was a live broadcast or that the stored file is unavailable. VideoMirror/ASI is a unique application that can solve this problem.

This application is designed to provide an easy-to-use and intuitive interface that will give you a quick way to analyze, capture, filter, play, and view single and multiprogram streams. The transport stream is stored as a series of files, with the size of each file controlled by setting the number of bytes or the length of time. After the specified number of file segments is reached, VideoMirror/ASI over-writes the first file segment, thus maintaining the floating window at a fixed size. Individual files can be accessed while the VideoMirror/ASI is capturing video to the floating window. A file of interest can be viewed using MPEG analysis tools.

Besides having capture and playback ability, VideoMirror/ASI allows you to filter out selected PIDs that you do not wish to record. This way you can capture only the PIDs desired.

In order to provide confidence to the capture process, we have included a copy of the VideoLAN VLC viewer, which allows you to decode and view any of the incoming or captured streams.

A VCR-like interface provides complete control over the capture and playback process. A recent feature is remote management capability. This allows you to record, start, stop, or play via a remote browser. This is greatly appreciated by anyone using this with an automation system.

  • Captures transport stream as segments of data configured either by size or time
  • Creates number of file segments that constitute a “floating window” corresponding to the record length
  • Captures and plays back HD, MPEG-2 and H.264/AVC (MPEG-4 Part 10) streams via DVB interfaces
  • Captures and plays back SMPTE 125M files via SMPTE 259M (SDI Video) interfaces
  • Advanced playback Scheduler for Day, Week, Month or Year
  • Transport Streams can be selected by PIDs
  • Plays and Captures TS from all well known Video Encoders, Decoders, and Servers including Harmonic, Tandberg, Omneon, Tektronix, Radyne, Big Band, Seachange, Scopus, TUT Systems, and many others
  • Playback rates up to 213 Mbps with fast SAS hard drives
  • Captures to standard IDE hard drive at 60 Mbps
  • Plays back a sequence of transport streams
  • Play order allows the order of file playout to be edited
  • Input TS file via CD, DVD, USB Drive, Ethernet or input video stream via DVB-ASI
  • Output TS file via CD, DVD, USB Drive, Ethernet or output video stream via DVB-ASI
  • Includes automatic TS analysis utility with PID and PCR clock info (Needs CBR for best result)
  • Automatically uses the TS PCR info to accurately calculate the rate of the transport stream
  • Selectable 188/204 packet size with auto conversion
  • Continuous play or single play modes
  • Buffer Overrun or Underrun warnings
  • Remote management via Web interface
  • Option: custom transport streams can be provided
  • Supports External RAID units from Dell, etc.

  • Capture of video for VideoMirror ASI Archive
  • Capture or playback transport streams for testing
  • Record and analyze transport streams
  • Development labs, manufacturing shop floors, and trade shows – to capture and playback, or just continuously playback transport streams in real time
  • Analyze and preview transport streams
  • Program scheduler for TV stations
  • Record transport streams of required data size
    • Broadcast and Network compliance logging
    • Cable and IPTV ingest logging and monitoring
    • Content repurposing
    • Media monitoring digital TV broadcasts
    • Compliance Recorder