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EXPWAY Interactivity


EXPWAY Advertising

EXPWAY Mobile TV Platform - A complete solution for creating, aggregating and delivering advanced Mobile TV services over broadcast and cellular networks. It provides Content Providers, Commercial Operators, Network Operators and Broadcast Operators with a management platform for Electronic Service Guide (ESG), Interactive and Datacasting services.

Software Consists of 4 modules:

  1. Service Designer
  2. Service Aggregator
  3. Unicast Delivery Server
  4. Broadcast Delivery Server

Efficient Content and Datacasting satisfy end-user needs for ubiquity, allowing them to receive up-to-date information and consume it anytime, anywhere.

Interactivity - More than just watching content

Interactivity is an extension of the basic ESG that provides special interactive content and services, allowing all kinds of exciting and revenue-generating end-user interactions.

Watching a TV program or a video clip live on your mobile phone is already a reality. Yet today’s users are increasingly looking for ways to interact with and personalize their mobile TV experience. So the next step is to give users the opportunity to play an active role during consumption. Perhaps more than any other feature, interactivity is what seals the bond between user and operator.


EXPWAY is therefore already looking beyond the multimedia search engine capabilities that are at the core of an ESG, envisioning a new content consumption experience where end-users are active and have fun interacting with their favorite programs.

Voting, betting, polling, quizzes, lotteries and content feeds are just a few of the interactive services that Operators can offer their end-users.

Targeted Advertising allows operators to better monetize their advertising space

Advertising – Managing new advertising space

EXPWAY’s advertising management solution for mobile TV allows unique management of advertising space on mobile TV services.

With the emergence of mobile TV, the mobile screen is becoming a mass media in its own right. Mobile TV services vastly increase end-user exposure to advertising screens. The Electronic Service Guide (ESG), which users are required to use to access Mobile TV services, represents an additional and highly effective advertising space.

Telecom Operators, content owners and media agencies have identified the tremendous business opportunities that could be generated by well-targeted advertising campaigns on mobile phones. This phenomenon is a parallel to what is happening on the mobile internet, where acceptance of mobile advertising is on the rise. Advertising specialists & Telecom operators are facing new challenges as they seek new solutions to help them efficiently roll out digital campaigns for cellphone-based advertising.

The EXPWAY advertising management solution is implemented in partnership with an advertising company. It offers a unique advertising management solution that allows unique management of the advertising space provided through mobile TV services. By combining precise descriptions of TV contents with efficient management of advertising space sales, this solution enables interactive advertisements that are targeted to match individual viewers’ interests. In addition, they can be contextualized according to what’s currently playing on the mobile TV.