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Multichannel Instrumented HD Video Recorder with Multi Sensor Data Video Overlay for Underwater and Aircraft Testing

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Retro View HD-SDI 1-8ch™ 

1-8 Channel HD Recorder with Sensor Data Video Overlay



Retro View HD-SDI 1-8 channel



High Definition, Real Time, Rugged, Multichannel, Long Duration HD Video Recorder with 1-8 HD-SDI Inputs Plus RS-232 and/or IP In and 1-8 HD-SDI Outputs and/or IP Out.  Designed to Capture HD Sensor/Camera Data with Real Time Instrument Data from Multiple Data Sensors via RS-232 or IP.  Unit will Overlay Critical Real Time Data Such as Time Code, GPS Info, Temperature, Pressure, Vibration, etc. on Live Video.  Management GUI Includes VCR Type Controls and User Selectable Data Capture and Data Fields Locations.  Allows Full Flexibility of Look and Feel of Data Appearing on Video Recordings.  Highly Useful for Scientific and Archival Data Recording of Underwater or High Altitude Missions Where Video and Supporting Data Needs to be Captured Together in High Definition for Later Analysis and Review.  Customers Include Offshore Oil Platforms, ROVs, and Wind Tunnel Operators.




  • Records live video on Hard drive, Solid State Drive, or Network attached storage
  • Captures snap shots of live video with a single click
  • Programmable file name prefixes with real time up to second suffix
  • Inserts instrument data, GPS info, Picture in a picture, CG, scrolling text, and sensor data into video feeds as overlays  
  • Records 1080i, 720p, 480i video with audio (1080p Optional)
  • Converts SDI output to IP for remote video monitoring over IP
  • Inputs:  HD-SDI – 1-8 HD channels or 1-8 SD channels or any combination of HD and SD up to 8 channels, RS-232, IP
  • Outputs:  HD-SDI – 1-8 HD channels or 1-8 SD channels or any combination of HD and SD channels.  IP output is an option.
  • SDI to H.264 transcoder for high quality video recording
  • Programmable bit rate for H.264 video
  • Features daily, weekly, and monthly schedule-based recording, image capture with programmable logos, alerts, and text insertion
  • Arbitrary location for graphics
  • Choose from static, rotating, or blinking graphics, logos, and text
  • Creates crawling messages and emergency alerts with programmable fonts and background colors, in any language
  • Select any degree of transparency
  • Easy drag and drop placement to position logo, text, or graphics on screen
  • Data feeds from RSS or RS-232 in any language, with programmable fonts and background colors (Unicode)
  • Able to mask entire screen with a static image in case of video input failure
  • 3 RU system in rugged rack mountable frame
  • Optional real time clock display on live video stream
  • Customization available
  • Dual Power Supply Option for Power Supply redundancy


  • Live video recorder for continuously recording video and data from underwater or airborne video camera
  • Offshore oil and gas industry
  • UAV or USV data capture
  • Nuclear Reactor Monitoring
  • Flight Data Recording aboard aircraft or wind tunnels