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Cortina 4K HDR IP: ATSC 3.0™


Mavio™ 4K IP/IP: HEVC Live + Stored Out Decoder

Ultra High Definition 4K HEVC H.265 Video Decoder with HDMI 2.0 Output and Built-in Scheduling


Tiny 265 4K™ IP: E+D TELCO

Cortina 4K IP ATSC-3

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4K H.265

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Real time 4K Ultra HD 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 Live multichannel H.265/HEVC encoder/streamer with ATSC 3.0 compatible MTP IP or TS output. Features four 3G-SDI inputs or one optional 12G-SDI input. Output is ATSC 3.0 MTP over IP, TS over IP, MPEG-DASH, or optional DVB-ASI. Audio support includes Dolby® Digital® AC-4, MPEG-H 3D, and AAC. Supports MMTP, ROUTE, and DASH. Cost effective multipurpose UHD/H.265 encoder.

1.5 RU Ultra High Definition digital video server with HDMI output and built-in scheduling. Can be used as a single channel live HEVC 4K Ultra HD video player or a 4 channel Full HD H.265 video player. Decodes and plays back directly from compressed video files with 10-bit color depth for High Dynamic Range content. Ingests HD or H.265 based 4K compressed video files on to its local SSD drive via Gigabit Ethernet or USB port. It can be configured for “looping” playback and so makes a perfect 4K video source for video walls, museums, digital signage, and 4K implementation. A set of easy to use web pages provides a versatile user interface via a web browser. Optional removable SSD.

Compact FPGA based Ultra High Definition 3840 x 2160p, 1920 x 1080p, 720p, at 59.94 and 29.97 H.265/HEVC transport stream encoder/decoder pair, supporting Main 4:2:2 10 profile. Configured as 1 RU half-wide stand alone appliances. Input via 4 each 3G HD-SDI ports (BNC). Audio support for MPEG-2 AAC and MPEG-4 AAC with 16 bit/20 bit/24 bit up to 284 kbps. Bit rates are UHD 4-100 Mbps, HD 2-60 Mbps. Outputs are UDP over IP. Supports FEC and ARQ.


  • 60 fps 4k Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 H.265/HEVC real time encoder
  • Inputs:
    • Four 3G SDI inputs (SMPTE 424M/ 425M), or
    • One optional 12G HD-SDI input
  • Outputs:
    • ATSC 3.0 IP (MMTP/ROUTE)
    • MTP over IP (UDP/RTP) or optional DVB-ASI output
  • HDR10 (PQ10), HLG
  • Single 4K (3840 x 2160p) encoding or four statistically multiplexed simultaneous 1080p/720p encodings
  • Video encoding:
    • HEVC (H.265) Main/Main10@L5.1
    • CBR, Capped VBR, StatMuxed VBR
    • Chroma formats: 4:2:0/4:2:2 8/10bits
  • Audio encoding:
    • MPEG-H 3D audio low complexity profile level 3
    • Dolby® Digital® AC-4
    • AAC
  • Clock synchronization:  PTP, NTP
  • Supports VBR or CBR
  • Control and monitoring:
    • Web browser, XML-RPC
    • SNMP
  • Redundant power supply


  • ATSC 3.0 standard compatible broadcasting
  • 4K news, satellite, and sports contribution
  • 4K event streaming via ISPs or CDNs
  • Save satellite truck operator bandwidth charges by utilizing public internet to provide a backup stream


  • Outputs:  4K Ultra HD (2160p) or 4 independent channels of Full HD (up to 1080p) on HDMI
  • Supports multiple output frame rates up to 60 fps
  • File to IP – playlist play out with schedules
  • 10 bit output precision supports high dynamic range 4K CEA HDR10 video decoding
  • Supports upscaling to 3840 x 2160p
  • Real time decode and play back from compressed video files
  • Up to 16 channels of embedded PCM or pre-compressed audio output
  • Supports Dolby Digital® and DTS passthrough
  • Multi-viewer mode that combines 4 HD video as a single 4K Ultra HD output
  • NewTek™ NDI® enabled
  • Remote control:  Pause, fast forward, rewind
  • Convenient web browser user interface with proxy video display for monitoring during playback
  • Playlist with looping option for continuous playback of multiple hours of Full HD/Ultra HD Video programs
  • Includes playlist scheduler
  • Vertical Ancillary Data output
  • Test Pattern Generation
  • Supports Closed Captioning
  • Dual Ethernet port for content upload and video server management
  • One gig Ethernet Interface for fast file upload


  • UHD Broadcast Video Playout Server
    With scalable storage, direct playback from mezzanine compressed 4K UHD video files, and playlist support, the Mavio is a cost-effective playout server for 4K Ultra HD broadcast services.
  • R&D, Testing, and Demo Server
    Ideal for use as a 4K UHD video source in R&D, long term regression testing, or trade show demos of 4K UHD video processing or encoding equipment.
  • HD Playout Server
    Can be used as a Full HD (up to 1080p30) video player with 4 independent channels, and 10-bit color depth to support High Dynamic Range content. The system provides a seamless transition path from HD to Ultra HD.
  • Video walls
  • Museums
  • Digital signage
  • Sports arenas and concert venues
  • UHD Post Production

Encoder - Features (E):

  • Up to 59.94 fps 4k Ultra HD 3840 x 2160p H.265/HEVC encoder
  • Inputs:
    • One 12G HD-SDI input, or
    • Four 3G SDI inputs (SMPTE 424M), or
    • One HD-SDI or SD-SDI input
  • Simultaneous Outputs:
    • IP – H.265/HEVC Main/High/Main 4:2:2, UDP/RTP
    • DVB-ASI
  • 4:2:2 10-bit encoding at 50/59.94 fps
  • Audio Encoding:
    • AAC-LC: Maximum 8 channels
  • Encoding bit rates:
    • UHD:  4-160 Mbps
    • HD – 1080p:  2-60 Mbps
    • HD – 1080i, 720p:  1-30 Mbps
    • SD:  512 Kbps to 10 Mbps

Decoder - Features (D):

  • 4K 4:2:2 & 4:2:0 hybrid contribution decoder
  • Simultaneous Inputs:
    • IP – H.265/HEVC Main/High/Main 4:2:2, UDP/RTP
    • DVB-ASI
  • Outputs:
    • One 12G HD-SDI output, or
    • Four 3G SDI outputs (SMPTE 424M), or
    • One HD-SDI or SD-SDI output
  • Audio Decoding:
    • AAC-LC: Maximum 8 channels
  • Decoding bit rates:
    • UHD: 4-100 Mbps
    • HD – 1080p: 2-60 Mbps
    • HD – 1080i, 720p: 1-30 Mbps
    • SD: 512 Kbps to 10 Mbps

Both Systems – Features:

  • Support 4K (3840 x 2160p) 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576i, 480i
  • Control and monitoring via web browser, front panel, or SNMP
  • ARQ packet recovery technology and FEC (Forward Error Correction)
  • 4K news, satellite, and sports contribution
  • End to end delivery of 4K content
  • Can be combined with Proxicaster™ to deliver HLS or DASH to end points


  • 4K news, satellite, and sports contribution
  • End to end delivery of 4K content
  • Can be combined with Proxicaster™ to deliver HLS or DASH to end points
Cortina 4K HDR IP ATSC 3 Encoder Datasheet Mavio Tiny 265 4K IP E-D TELCO Datasheet