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Mini D-Streamer™ IP/HDMI

Amino/HD ™ Mini-D-Streamer-IP-HDMI

linuxip.tvIntel Platinum Partner 

Affordable Real Time HD viewing device with IP input and output to 1080i or 720p resolution at 16x9 aspect ratio to HD televisions and monitors. This inexpensive MPEG-2 HD decoder appliance will feed MPEG-2 Transport Streams to a Plasma, TFT, or Projector via its Component output. Made by www.aminocom.com

 Component HD

Streaming video via Flash, HLS, or RTSP has emerged as a very efficient methodology for delivering SD and HD content over the public internet. It occurred to us that there are not many decoders/receivers that decode incoming "wrapped" streams to HD and SD. The Mini D-Streamer IP/HDMI™ is designed to address this need and deliver a professional d-streaming and decoding device for the public internet.

The Mini D-Streamer IP/HDMI is a real time H.265, H.264, or MPEG-2 decoder that receives IP transport streams and decodes them to HDMI. It accepts a wide variety of IP protocols, wrappers, and containers but is highly tuned for HLS and RTSP.


Standard Features:

  • Flat-panel TVs have also rapidly evolved in recent years from standard definition to HD Ready and now Full HD
  • Reach a greater number of subscribers
  • Increase the number of interactive and multicast channels
  • Enhance viewing experience with HD channels.
  • The A140 is a very compact STB, but is able to deliver high performance, along with the required connectivity including; analogue AV, HDMI, USB & S/PDIF.
  • The A140 is supported by an extensive ecosystem of middleware, browser, conditional access and DRM options required for the widely varying configurations of the IPTV market.
  • Amino software technology is based on open standards such as Linux and HTML. Application developers for the A140 benefit from the Amino JMACX system which enables full control of the STB functions from the browser.


  • IPTV anywhere
  • Ideal for Electronic Stores and Trade Shows where High Def Monitors need to be driven by HD content from Hard Drives
  • HD monitor testing
  • Engineering labs
  • Private "In House" TV operations

Price: $359/ea


  • Supports both HD and SD H.265/HEVC, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, or MPEG-2 decoding
  • Input:  Bursty or smooth IP
  • Output:  HDMI
  • Security scanned for vulnerabilities
  • IP Input protocols:  HTTP Live (HLS), UDP, RTP, RTSP, HTTP, RTMP (pushed from Flash server)
  • Supports H.264 High Profile @ Level 4.0 (HP@L4)
  • Supports MPEG-2
  • Supports 1080i, 1080p (30 fps), 720p, 480i, 480p, CIF, QCIF, qHD, H.264up and many others, and custom resolutions
  • Supports HDTV output formats SMPTE-274M/SMPTE-296M-2001, ITU-R BT.656
  • Color Space:  4:2:0 for H.264
  • Audio Input:  AAC, MPEG Audio, or AC-3
  • Audio Output:  Embedded
  • Remote GUI includes some scheduling
  • Can be used to store or time-delay incoming stream with optional storage add-on
  • SNMP, REST, SOAP support for remote management and monitoring
  • Processor Supports Octoshape™ Client on GUI
  • Supports DOZER™ protocol option


  • Streaming video from remote sites from RTMP, RTSP, or HTTP compatible sources such as IP cameras or YouTube®
  • Converting IP streams to HDMI wherever they may come from
  • Feeding Live IP Camera Views into Multiviewers from Jupiter Systems and RGB Spectrum, etc.
  • IP Camera Decoder
  • Axis IP camera decoder
  • Octoshape™ end point

click here for more detail (pdf)

Amino H140 (High Definition IP-STB)
Compression Rate Time Chart