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IP Redundancy Switch for N+1 protection

IP Redundancy Switch for N+1 Protection

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IPGuard V2™

Seamless IP Redundancy Switching


StreamWatch IP/5-48™

Large Scale 5-48 channel failover switch with continuous stream failure monitoring of 48 incoming channels and fast switchover to backup feed

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IPGuardV2 is a unique and secure solution which enables 1+1 Automatic IP switching with a hardware bypass mechanism. Designed for IP architectures, it can be used to switch between main & backup IP sources based on a set of configurable criteria in order to provide reliable IP transport and error-free streams.

Real Time, Multichannel, SPTS or MPTS Transport Stream Failover Switching Appliance designed to offer two to one failover for UDP streams. Parameter monitored can be loss of sync or missing PIDs. One Frame Time Cut Over. Ideal product for protecting headends of all types.



  • UDP/IP stream management
    • Unicast/Multicast stream
    • RTP support
    • VLAN management
  • IP switch
    • Up to 60 IP streams switches
    • Up to 6 TS or T2-MI over IP switches
    • Up to 6 STL over IP switches
    • IP Bypass for service availability
  • Seamless switch
    • Seamless switch-over between TS, T2-MI,STL or RTP identical streams
    • SMPTE2022-7 support
    • Alignement of delayed streams (up to several seconds for RTP switch)
  • Switching modes
    • Automatic or Manual switch
    • Priority input
    • Peering to allow switching synchronisation between 2 IPGuardV2
  • Switching conditions
    • IP alarms (presence, bit rate,...)
    • ETR290, MIP, and T2-MI alarms
    • Advanced TS alarms
  • Daisy chain mode
    • Serialization of several IPGuards to increase processing capacities
  • FEC management
    • SMPTE 2022-1 (Pro MPEG CoP#3)
    • FEC input correction (TSoIP)
    • FEC output generation (option)
  • T2 Gateways N+1 redundancy
    • N+1 automatic redundancy of ENENSYS DVB-T2 Gateways
  • Monitoring Supervision
    • Real-time monitoring of incoming streams, Web-based GUI
    • Full SNMP v2 support


  • 1+1 automatic redundancy of IP equipment
  • 1+1 automatic redundancy between IP streams
  • DVB-T/T2 and ISDB-T automatic switch-over
  • ATSC 1.0 & 3.0 automatic switch-over
  • Seamless TS over IP switch-over
  • Seamless T2-MI, bTS & STL over IP switch-over
  • Seamless RTP switch-over
  • High Density redundancy switching for Cable, IPTV, OTT Head-End


  • Multi-standard applicable (DVB, ATSC, ISDB,...)
  • Video agnostic: MPEG-2, H.264 or HEVC
  • Maintain service continuity
  • Running in High Density chassis (HDc):
  • to allow up to 6 IPGuardV2 modules in 1U
  • to combine with other Enensys products
  • to extend processing with daisy chain mode
  • Avoid TV black-out in SFN (and MFN in DVB-T2)
  • Avoid video glitches with delayed sources
  • Transparent for end-to-end devices


  • Highly reliable Stream Monitoring and Failover Switching system
  • UDP stream oriented
  • Works with any IP transport stream
  • MPEG-2 TS based
  • Codec agnostic:  MPEG-2 or MPEG-4/H.264
  • Maintains service continuity with LAN bypass mechanism
  • Almost seamless switch-over with built in delay
  • Supports and senses errors on up to 48 SPTS streams from any UDP source
  • Switching Criteria
    • Video Packet Rate drops below threshold
    • Audio Packet Rate drops below threshold
    • Overall bit rate below threshold
    • Missing Video PID
    • Missing Audio PID
    • Detection of NULL packet (NULL Stream)
  • Programmable threshold 0% to 70% for packet rate / bit rate comparison
  • Loss of Input detection
  • Loss of Video PID detection
  • Manual override to switch
  • Real-time monitoring of incoming streams
  • Easy to use web-based GUI
  • Unicast/Multicast (UDP/IP) streams support
  • Easy way to provide redundancy for any UDP output product
  • Options for 1 to 48 streams
  • Remote web based programming
  • Programmable Stream Loss Detection Time
  • 1 RU rack mountable frame


  • Protection for SSAI Ad Serter’s Ad Insertion system
  • Failure Protection for IPTV headends
IPGuard Datasheet StreamWatch IP 5 48 Datasheet