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DVB Rocket IP/ASI™

Linux® Based, Cost Effective, Remotely Manageable, Ultra High Speed IP to DVB Multiprotocol Encapsulator IPE or MPE for Seamless Delivery of IP or Private Data and Video Over Satellite or Terrestrial Networks - Complies with MPE 301-192. Utilizes all Null Packets and Bits. Used Currently in Both DVB-S-S2 and DVB-T Environments. Offers Lowest Latency of the Industry – Important for Long Links.

DVB Rocket

  • Unlimited number of remote IP addresses (clients), depending on server memory
  • Inputs:  GigE and DVB-ASI
  • Output:  DVB-ASI
  • Linux® based architecture for 24/7 operation
  • Implements Unicast, Multicast, and QoS routing
  • Fully complies with all IEC standards for multiprotocol DVB encapsulation
  • Typical forwarding delay is 1/10th of others – latency of 6 milliseconds
  • Supports C, Ku, and Ka bands
  • Tested with major brands of multiplexers and modulators – Tandberg, Radyne, Harmonic, Newtec, Motorola, EF Data, and Sencore
  • Field proven on major satellites and teleports
  • Aggregate throughput up to full ASI (213 Mb)
  • QoS for guaranteed services
  • Easy to use remote monitoring and control via secure shell access and web interface
  • Low jitter
  • Supports opportunistic data insertion (SMPTE 325M)
  • Used currently in DVB-S/S-2, DVB-T/T2, and DVB-C environments – DVB-C2 coming soon
  • Optional RoHS compliant standard industrial PC with redundant power supply and hot swappable disk drives
  • Optional IP Multicast File Delivery Client Software/Hardware for transmitting to Mobile and Handheld devices – InstaCast 4.0
  • Currently Deployed at sites in UK, France, Germany, US, Russia, China, Japan, etc…
  • Price and Performance Leader in its class
  • Click Here to Learn about InstaCast (PDF)

Live Data :

A great many communications satellites now beam DVB based video transport streams all over the earth.  An encapsulator is a device specifically created to inject IP content or other types of data into DVB transport streams, which are used frequently in these communications satellites.  When used in such a way a single "Rocket" can be dedicated to deliver Internet Services to an unlimited number of users.

The Internet service provided in this way typically exceeds the speed of land based Internet services.  In order to select the "Content Pages" the end user of the service communicates with his ISP via a regular phone line.  Two types of receivers can be used for reception: set top boxes with IP outputs that are designed to filter out IP packets to an IP port, or PC based solutions with QPSK tuners and PCI interfaces that route the IP traffic to the computer just like a network interface.  All Internet browsers can be configured to work in this manner.

The DVB Rocket IP/ASI™ is a simple yet elegant design for an encapsulator.  It is based on a SuperMicro 1 RU Server along with our proven 3rd generation DVB Master™ FD, running Linux®.  It is fully compliant with all international standards that govern multi protocol and GSE encapsulation, such as EN 301 192.  Not only does the Rocket function as a router where it forwards packets based via easily managed routing tables, but it also acts as a switch whereby it creates virtual connections that remain open until closed.

The Rocket typically is located at the premises of a teleport. The DVB Rocket IP/ASI receives multiple IP transport streams and muxes them into up to 16 elementary transport streams, then converts them into one DVB-ASI transport stream.  Thereafter the stream is sent across great distances to satellite and down to a network of dishes where a personal computer with a satellite receiver card can enjoy first class Internet or data service.

Sixteen priorities are available for the order in which the elementary streams are muxed and transmitted via DVB-ASI.  Each priority can have one or many transport streams.

Compatibility & Interoperability:

Tested compatible with:

  • Motorola Cherry Picker™ – Mux
  • Newtec Modulator
  • Radyne Modulators
  • EF Data Modulators
  • Work-Microwave Modulators
  • Harmonic Data Multiplexers

  • Satellite & Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
  • Broadcast networks & stations
  • Data service providers
  • Large retail organizations
  • Financial institutions
  • IP to ASI encapsulator
  • IP service via Satellite
  • Secure Cinema Package Distribution

Sample of GUI's