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MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264 (Video over IP): Video Error correction appliance for Video over IP and IP TV

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IP Scrubber™


IP and IPTV Challenges

IP Scrubber™  

Real Time Multiport IP Switch optimized for video traffic with strong multidirectional, FEC based, IP noise reduction system designed to "clean up" dropped or corrupted pixels, lines, or frames caused by switching circuits found in "Noisy" Fiber and Radio based IP connections. Always sold in matched pairs.

Streaming SD or HD video requires that a constant flow of data be maintained from the source to the receiving device. The characteristics of both digital video and IP networks, however, result in significant challenges to maintaining the quality of that flow,




The IP Scrubber utilizes the patented Forward Error Correcting erasure coding technology to dynamically protect video, audio and large data streams from common transport impairments, including packet loss, latency, jitter and lost packets typical of wired, fiber and wireless IP networks.

The IP Scrubber can improve links with up to 40% packet loss while using an incrementally small bandwidth overhead (5-10%) when compared to existing convolution and Reed-Solomon FEC technologies. Our FEC technology all but eliminates QoS buffering delays and dropouts by recovering lost packets without requiring retransmission. Any packetized stream can be protected, independent of the type of media encoding or compression, data rate, or use of encryption.

The unit can be immediately and transparently integrated into legacy or new applications to protect, enhance and rehabilitate marginal links.

The IP Scrubber is ideal for IPTV and Internet TV applications. In video streaming entertainments or security applications, the IP Scrubber allows the bundling of multiple streams onto a single protected multicast link. Our control panel allows the user to easily surf each stream and select one or more streams for viewing or storage.

The IP Scrubber is based on a real-time Linux operating system. Every IP Scrubber comes with a full one year warranty and two year application firmware upgrade policy.

This FEC technology is in use today by federal, state and commercial users to assure accurate and on-time delivery of streaming video.


The video compression techniques (MPEG-2, MPEG-4/H.264, or WMV9/VC-1) used for streaming video are highly sensitive to the loss of any packets in transmission. If not recovered, missing packets — or even a single missing packet — of a video stream can result in frozen frames, frame skips, macroblock errors, or other distortions to the image.
Missing packets can be re-transmitted, but the time required for any such retransmission of the data will be perceived as an interruption of the data flow unless the data has been adequately buffered at the receiver.

Even with buffering, high instantaneous levels of packet loss may cause the buffer to be emptied while waiting for successful re-transmissions, thus producing a perceptible interruption or glitch in the playback of the stream.
If the stream is destined to many receivers, the retransmission of lost packets for each individual receiver is impractical.

Shared networks — the most obvious example being the public Internet — may experience packet loss as a result of network congestion.

Packets may be lost as a result of degradations in network quality due to buffer overflows caused by jitter, configuration errors or link failures related to equipment faults, power failures, or denial of service attacks.