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Professional Test Solutions, Encoders, Decoders, TRanscoders, PlayServers, and Ad Inserters to Help you Migrate to IP

MPEG-2 or H.264 Over IP Capture and Playback

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Long Term Video over IP Archiving and Retrieval Systems for Regulatory and Other Reasons


PLAYSERVER™ 2-12ch IP/1-16 TB


ATLAS™ II Packaging Server: TELCO

Linux® based live or VOD Media Distribution Server designed to serve 40+ channels with support for 7,000 users at 1 mbps.

Live Capture, Content Storage, Playlist Management, Graphics, Splices, etc.


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Atlas Media Server II

ATLAS III Packaging Server: TELCO
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Telco Grade, 1 RU, Video Archival System with IP in and out designed to store H.264 or MPEG streams on to on board RAID drives. Designed to capture live IP streams from Media Servers and provide proof of what was transmitted and provide up to 90 days' record in a convenient easily retrievable manner. Able to sit and sniff traffic or be a destination. All recordings are time stamped and can be set for 5, 10, 30, 60, etc... minutes. When you need to examine past events you just go back to the day and time segment.

Broadcast quality, real time, 1 RU, 12 Channel Highly Automated Playout Server with real time scheduling with switching between live and local origination. Also supports real time Ad, CG, Graphics, Text, and Logo insertion with Sophisticated Scheduling for Single or Multi Program Transport Streams. Splices, Overlays, or Surrounds video with Ads, Graphics, Logos, SLATES, or Text anywhere on the Live or Local Stream. Designed for Broadcasters who lease out their sub channels but run IP infrastructure. Includes full support for SCTE 35 ad triggers and works with most EAS systems with full FCC compliant splicing of audio, etc. on all channels.

Linux® based live or VOD Media Distribution Server designed to serve 80+ channels with support for 7,000 users at 1 mbps. Works with most STBs and mobile devices expecting HLS and DASH. Supports live streams from IRDs, IP cameras, origin servers, and H.265 or H.264 encoders or transcoders. Used as an Origin (Main) or Edge server for live or VOD. Supports HLS Timeshift or Catch-up TV, to rewind, pause, and fast forward live streams. Converts TS, DASH, RTMP, or HLS to UDP unicast or multicast TS wrapped with HLS or DASH when needed. We provide 1-10 TB of SSD, network speed of 10 Gbps, and up to 64 GB of RAM on board for sustained performance. Results affected by your bandwidth.

Standard Features:

  • Captures transport stream as segments of data configured either by size or time over IP (UDP/TCP/RTP)
  • Compatible with MPEG-2 and H.264
  • Features rich easy-to-use GUI
  • Rate Control for IP transmission provided by proprietary technique
  • Plays and captures TS over IP from all well known video encoders, decoders, and servers
  • Advanced Scheduled playback and record for Day, Week, Month, or Year
  • Compatible with HD, H.264, or SD encapsulated within IP
  • Supports unicast, multicast, and broadcast
  • Bit rate to 200 Mbps
  • Supports both SPTS and MPTS
  • IP in and out over 10BT, 100BT, Gig/E
  • Option to select network interface cards (NIC) if more than one is available on the system
  • Includes automatic transport stream Analysis Utility with PID and PCR clock info
  • Automatically uses the TS PCR info to calculate proper transport stream rate
  • Selectable 188/204 packet size
  • Continuous play or single play modes
  • Limit capture or playback by time or by size
  • Includes transport streams for test purposes
  • Files can be 5, 10, 30, 60, etc. minutes long


  • Ideal for archiving high speed fiber optic links and copper-based IPTV links
  • Backup source for TS over IP
  • Snooping or capturing TS over Gig/E IP traffic
  • Monitoring or viewing a TS over Gig/E IP streams
  • Video over IP server for VOD testing


  • Generates IP Out Channel on premises or in the Cloud
  • Easy to use browser based user interface
  • Supports two time lines – Main Content and Ad break Content
  • Automatically pauses Main video to insert ads in Ad break time line
  • Inserts or overlays graphical ads, video clips, logos, graphics, CG, scrolling text, and emergency alerts into live and stored video feeds on a schedule, simple insert button or via Contact Closures
  • Generates and inserts SCTE 35 / Cue tones in the IP out
  • Works with most fonts: Chinese, Arabic, Indian, etc. via Unicode interface
  • Output:  IP
  • Supports Insertion of Live content through any IP source
  • Secure Remote Scheduling from anywhere via Web Interface
  • Built in intelligence makes scheduling easy
  • Supports 1080p, 1080i, 720p, and 480i, and all standard broadcast resolutions
  • Features daily, weekly, and monthly schedule-based logos, alerts, and text insertion
  • Arbitrary location for graphics
  • Choose from static, rotating, or blinking graphics, logos, and text
  • Supports AD inventories, logs Ad plays, and generates Proof of Play list
  • Creates crawling messages and emergency alerts with programmable fonts and background colors, in any language
  • Creates Real Time Clock display in programmable fonts and colors
  • Displays remaining and next advertisement time in output video
  • Scales input video from 5% to 100% and overlay on graphics – Ideal for EPG
  • Overlays animating PNG files and scales Input Video from 5% to 100% – Ideal for L-Wrap and transparent overlays.  Video squeezes.
  • Select any degree of transparency
  • Easy drag and drop placement of logo, or graphics on time line
  • News feeds from RSS in any language, with programmable fonts and background colors
  • Able to mask entire screen with a static image in case of video input failure
  • 1 RU rack mountable frame
  • Optional EAS support
  • SLATE function puts up an Empty Background on which you can type messages
  • Comprehensive Customization to your needs is possible
  • Stores and manages Content, Ads, Messages, and Graphics clips, on local RAID – Optional RAID 1 and 5 configurations available
  • Supports SCTE 35 and optional analog Cue Tone Detection and Generation
  • Interfaces with zXORA™ Player for delivery to mobile devices


  • Affordable Multichannel Playout for call letter stations
  • Content Playout for Satellite Channels
  • Hospitality Management
  • Use existing content from: Graphics Libraries, RSS feeds, web cams, video clips, flash streams, and animation files
  • Crawling text and graphics overlay for local advertising and announcements, station logo
  • Add logos, graphics, and text to news broadcast segments – Weather, Sports, etc.
  • Emergency alert system for Broadcast and Cable
  • Video Messaging System
  • PSA Crawls

Standard Features:

  • Media distribution server designed for both Live and Stored (VOD) applications
  • Ingests H.265 or H.264 live streams over IP, then adds wrappers such as MPEG-DASH, HLS, or RTMP
  • Supports both HD and SD H.265/HEVC and H.264/MPEG-4 AVC
  • Packaging or Origin or Edge server
  • Inbound Protocols: Multi-bitrate File, RTMP, RTSP, MPEG-TS, HLS
  • Outbound Protocols: HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), RTMP, MPEG-DASH, MPEG-TS
  • Converts unicast streams to multicast streams, or other direction
  • Includes Catch-up TV and live timeshift functionality (rewind/fast forward) via HLS, creates X hour buffer and continuously cleans up old files
  • File formats supported for VOD: TS and MP4
  • Server Side Ad Insertion with HLS – Server inserts pre-encoded ads based on schedule or with SCTE markers. Dynamically targets ads at specific users
  • Adds subtitles for closed captioning or multiple languages
  • Intuitive management interface
  • Compatible with Verimatrix® VCAS™ and Widevine® DRM’s
  • Fully Cloud manageable
  • Supports Android™ private channels
  • Data Base Replication – Produces device specific segments
  • Carrier Class hardware
  • Supports Teradek®, LiveShell Pro™, Wirecast™, Motorola®, Harmonic®, Tandberg®, Matrox®, Cisco®, Spark-E™, and most other well known encoders
  • Easy FTP transfer of media for VOD of stored content
  • REST and SOAP SDKs are available


  • Over the Top TV (OTT)
  • Live Video Auto Archive and then to VOD
  • VOD support for small, midsized IPTV deployments
  • Movies on demand
  • Multiscreen Content delivery
  • Education Video Server
  • Just in Time Encryption
  • Ethnic Channel Video Server
  • STADIUMS and Public Venues
  • Content Caching for ISP's
  • Pause and Catch-up TV
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TS Loop IP™

Multichannel IP Out Stream Player for Continuous or Scheduled MPEG-2 or H.264 Stream Out via IP

Loop Server IP™ 50ch

Loop Source IP, TS Loop

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Infinity IP Grooming Server™ 50ch 1+TB

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Cost Effective, MPEG-2 or H.264 Transport Stream Recorder/ Player System with IP Input and Output for Continuous Playback and/or Capture of Transport Streams from a "Bouquet" by Time or by Size (Bytes). Includes a Built-in Transport Stream Analyzer. Useful for Validation and Testing of High Speed Fiber Optic Links. Well Suited for Testing Copper-Based Slow or High Speed IPTV Links. Option for Multiple NIC Cards. Royalty Free HD content included and thus it is ideal for traffic generation or stress and load testing of IP backbones.

Cost Effective, Compact, Super Reliable, MPEG-2, H.264, or H.265 RepeatingTransport Stream IP Playout Server, Clip Server or Recorder.  Outputs up to 10 Simultaneous IP Streams.  (Transport Streams Originate from the On-Board SSD Drive.)  Includes a Built-in Transport Stream Analyzer Plus a Playback and Record Scheduler.  Suitable for Both Broadcast and Digital Signage.  Ideal “Install and Forget” Device to Install Anywhere as a Multi-Output TS IP Source.  Ships with Encoded Color Bars and Video Clip of San Diego.  Works well with 4K TS.

Real Time, 1 RU, Quick Starting, Embedded Linux® Based, Remotely Manageable, Multi Channel Streaming Playout Server for Content. Incorporates a Scheduler. Runs on an Intel® Xeon® CPU. Relies on a "Minimal" Linux® Kernel (Residing in a Flash Memory Device) that is Highly Task Optimized for Streaming Many Channels, Operated via a Friendly GUI that can be Run From Anywhere. Specifically Designed for Playing Continuous Streaming to and from Hard Drive. Outputs up to 50 IP Streams at the Same Time. Create Your Own 50 "Streaming" Web Channels with 50 Different Movies or Content Playing on Your Preset Schedule.

Standard Features:

  • MPEG-2 or H.264 transport stream input and output over IP (UDP/TCP/RTP) 
  • Features rich easy-to-use GUI
  • Rate Control for IP transmission provided by proprietary technique
  • Advanced Playback and Record Scheduler for Day, Week, or Month
  • Compatible with HD, SD, MPEG-2 and H.264 streams
  • Single or multiple STB drives
  • Supports unicast, multicast, and broadcast
  • Bit rate to 850 Mbps
  • IP in and out over 10BT, 100BT, Gig/E
  • Includes automatic transport stream Analysis Utility with PID and PCR clock info
  • After analysis user can choose to capture all PIDS or any set of selected PIDS
  • Automatically uses the TS PCR info to calculate proper transport stream rate
  • Continuous play or single play modes
  • Limit capture or playback by time or by size
  • MPEG-2 TS Software viewer monitors output
  • Includes transport streams for test purposes
  • Available in three forms:
    • 4 RU Rackmount with monitor
    • 1 RU Rackmount
    • Ruggedized "Lunch box"
  • Runs on Windows® 7
  • Options: "Flash Ram" Drive can be provided to obtain maximum throughput
  • Option for multiple NIC cards


  • Ideal for scheduling recording and playback at cable head ends and hotels
  • Backup Source for TS over IP
  • Snooping or capturing TS over Gig/E IP traffic
  • Monitoring or viewing a TS over Gig/E IP streams
  • Video over IP server for VOD testing

Standard Features:

  • IP TS input and IP output over GigE
  • Outputs up to ten simultaneous IP streams
  • Plays back MPEG-2, H.264/AVC (MPEG-4 Part 10), or H.265/HEVC transport streams
  • Tested to work with 4K SD and HD transport streams
  • Includes 120 GB SSD drive -- can be larger
  • SSD drive lets you build, maintain, and use a large local library of Video Clips
  • Can play or record a single playlist in sequence via built-in scheduler
  • Can play or record multiple files without scheduler
  • Supports both SPTS and MPTS
  • Supports unicast or multicast
  • Maximum output bit rate: 450 Mbps
  • Requires very little power
  • Comes with color bars and sample 4K Transport Stream files
  • SSD drive can be loaded by customer with TS through USB 2.0/USB 3.0


  • Trade show signal source
  • Digital Signage – universities, hotels, retail
  • Test Signal generator
  • Backup source for TS over IP
  • Transmission/Loopback Video Source
  • Video over IP server for testing
  • Service interruption messaging


  • Streams multiple output protocols from the on board .5 TB hard drive
  • Use individual files or multiple playlists for input
  • Watch Folder Mechanism for updates
  • Looping or scheduled streaming with NTP
  • Output HLS with MP4, H.264, or optional H.265 ts files
  • Expandable Hard Disk via SANs, etc.
  • Outputs: Fifty simultaneous IP streams through GigE port (RJ45)
  • IP output protocols:  UDP, RTP, RTMP (Open Flash), HTTP, with DLNA support
  • Support for adaptive bitrate streaming protocols such as HTTP Live Streaming and MPEG-DASH
  • Supports M3u8 playlist files (standalone and through HTTP Live)
  • Tested compatible with major brands of IP devices including Amino™, Roku®, Android™, and Apple iPad®
  • Remote GUI includes some scheduling
  • SNMP, REST, SOAP support for remote management and monitoring  
  • Relies on Intel® Xeon® processor


  • Signage server for continuous streaming of multiple channels to multiple end points and devices
  • Streaming Server that resides at ISP or CDN for continuous scheduled or looped streaming service to publish to your web site
  • Build your own streaming utility with streams you prepared that are ready to play
  • Great Movie Player for your school or small hotel
  • Test signal sources
  • Digital Signage
pdf TS Loop IP Loop Server IP 50ch Datasheet