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Multichannel QAM modulator built in SD Encoders

MultiChannel HDMI in to Frequency Agile QAM RF Modulator

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 Apollo IV™ HDMI 4 Input/QAM+IP+ASI 4ch

4 Channel HDMI or Component In (Computer or Camera) Encoder with QAM, IP, and ASI Out… Great for EPG or Signage




Apollo IV™ HDMI 4 Input/DVB-T 2ch


Apollo IV™ HDMI 4 Input/DVB-T 2ch  Rear



Real Time Multichannel HDMI to QAM or DVB-C Modulator with MPEG-2 Encoder with 1080i/p or 720p Support. 4 HDMI Channels In, 4 QAM Channels Out. Designed for Real Time MPEG-2 Encoding of Any HDCP Compliant HDMI Signal and Sending it Out Via Built In Frequency Agile QAM/DVB-C Modulator. Output Resolution is 1080i/p or 720p at 16x9. Designed to Present Information to Many Viewers from Computers or 4 HDMI Sources to Televisions!  Ideal Product to Present Bus Station Schedules, Class Schedules, or Any Other Information That Originates in a Computer or HDMI Video Source.  Supports MPEG-1 Layer II Audio in Via "Dual" Mini DIN Connector. Perfect for Hotels and Digital Signage. Useful in MDU digital insertion of security cameras for monitoring pools and parking facilities. Also works as a 4 Channel HD to IP Encoder.

Standards Compliant, 2 RU, Frequency Compliant, Modular QAM modulator with DVB ASI inputs. Tested to work with eYe Grabber. Provides great Hospitality Industry solution for organizations wanting to repurpose Off Air signals for injection into existing analog or digital QAM lineup... Will play nicely with passive and active combiners.


Standard Features:

  • Four QAM or DVB-C RF outputs (4 carriers via combined output) on a single F connector, two DVB-ASI outputs, plus one UDP IP (4x SPTS) port
  • Accepts 1080p, 1080i, 720p, and 480i HDMI in 
  • Four HDMI inputs, one RF or IP port
  • Outputs:  Supports analog stereo, digital optical, and coax audio inputs
  • Encodes HDMI to a high definition MPEG-2 or H.264 stream – 1080p (H.264 only) 1080i, or 720p
  • Outputs a fully frequency agile QAM 64/256 digital cable channel 2-135
  • Amplifies for distribution over an on-site broadband cable system with adjustable output level to -29 dBmV, compatible with all cable format broadband systems
  • Front-panel buttons and easy to use menus, including inputs, encoding, channel, and RF options
  • Create single-part virtual channels, such as 116, 645 to match Guide channels
  • Saves power and rack space using efficient design, fan-free cooling, and compact enclosure
  • Powers up in less than 4 seconds, no OS overhead
  • Includes built-in RF combiner
  • Meets RoHS safety and California energy standards
  • Can be shipped with 4 each Component to HDMI converters for Component to QAM -- on request  


  • Hotels & Resorts
    • Advertising Channels
    • Restaurant Menu Channel
    • Meeting Video Distribution
    • Local Information Channel
    • BAR Set Top Box Video Distribution
    • Overview Cameras Channels
    • Surveillance
    • Digital Signage
  • Hospitals
    • Patient TV Channels
    • Hard-Disk Recording surgery rooms
    • Student Training Broadcasting
    • HI-DEF conferencing
    • Training Channels
    • Surveillance/Monitoring
    • Digital Signage on existing CCTV systems
  • Shops & Commercial Centers
    • Promotional TV channels
    • DVD BlueRay Players Video distribution
    • Internet Content distribution
    • HD/SD Video distribution via existing Coax Cables or via ON-AIR internal Broadcasting
  • Corporate
    • Corporate TV Channels
    • Training Channels
    • VIP Entertainment Channels
    • Meeting(s) Video Distribution
    • Local Information Channel
    • Overview camera Channels
    • Surveillance
  • Residences and Private Homes
    • HD Video distribution from any source to all chosen digital TVs, in every room or apartment
    • Centralized Video Surveillance, viewable on any TV
    • Centralized electricity, water, heating monitoring and control via a standard TV
    • HD Set Top Box and HD Player distribution to all TVs
  • Schools and Campuses
    • Lessons/Courses broadcasting
    • Campus TV Channels
    • Info Channels
    • Courses Recording (IP to disk)

Standard Features:

  • AQM Unit Integrates the QAM Modulator and a High Performance Upconverter
  • Compact Design allows 6 Modules in a 2 RU Rack Chassis
  • DVB MPEG-2 ASI Input, Complies with DVB ASI Standards
  • Improve Bandwidth Efficiency with Support for All Advanced QAM Modes including 256 QAM
  • Agile QAM Output 54-864 MHz, (NTSC mode CH 2-135 & 12.5 kHz steps in MHz Frequency Mode)
  • NTSC Compatible
  • Self Test PRBS Mode Built In