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Multichannel QAM modulator built in SD Encoders

QAM: Affordable and Easy to Use MultiChannel 8VSB to QAM Hospitality Solution

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eYe Grabber™ QAM



eYe Grabber 8VSB


Small, portable, wall powered, frequency agile (55-810 MHz), QAM 16/32/128/256 compliant test modulator for the real time output of live or stored HD streams coming via ASI, or USB from local hard drive, to be sent to coax RF CCTV systems with many modern plasma and LCD QAM tuners.  Inexpensive and easy to use device for use in commercial establishments where a video based message is available from a satellite feed or from the local hard drive.  Includes comprehensive transport stream playout application with scheduling.

Standards Compliant, 2 RU, Frequency Compliant, Modular QAM modulator with DVB ASI inputs. Tested to work with eYe Grabber. Provides great Hospitality Industry solution for organizations wanting to repurpose Off Air signals for injection into existing analog or digital QAM lineup... Will play nicely with passive and active combiners.


Standard Features:

  • Supports captured file play, live from external source through ASI input
  • Input:  DVB-ASI, USB, or SMPTE 310M
  • Output:  QAM (Annex A, B, or C) or DVB-ASI
  • Includes ASI port for simultaneous ASI and RF output if TS is pulled from hard drive
  • Frequency agile
  • RF Output Frequency: 55-860 MHz
  • Payload = Up to 38 Mbps
  • ITU-T J.83 Annex A/C and B compatible
  • On board channel selectable RF output up-converter
  • Programmable RF output level (0.1 dB step)
  • Can superposition white noise over modulated signal and control the output C/N ratio
  • Feeds either an antenna or coax cable
  • Field upgradeable – can be reprogrammed to add other profiles or new firmware
  • Playout Scheduler – schedule tasks (5 maximum) to run daily, weekly or monthly at a certain time
  • Ships with Java®-based application GUI
  • Linux® and Windows® SDK’s available for customization
  • Customer oriented API is also available
  • Sample transport streams available
  • 0dBm amplifier included with 0.1 dB attenuation
  • Option for Multi Function product that accepts other modulations including 8VSB, ATSC 3.0, DVB-C2, DVB-H, DVB-S/S2, DVB-T, DVB-T2, CMMB, ISDB-S, ISDB-T, etc.
  • Special Bundle Prices for multiple modulations


  • Validating QAM reception
  • Digital signage
  • Sending HD video to multiple monitors in sports arenas and stadiums
  • Trade shows
  • Set-top box testing
  • Test Equipment for RF demodulators
  • Laboratory applications

Standard Features:

  • AQM Unit Integrates the QAM Modulator and a High Performance Upconverter
  • Compact Design allows 6 Modules in a 2 RU Rack Chassis
  • DVB MPEG-2 ASI Input, Complies with DVB ASI Standards
  • Improve Bandwidth Efficiency with Support for All Advanced QAM Modes including 256 QAM
  • Agile QAM Output 54-864 MHz, (NTSC mode CH 2-135 & 12.5 kHz steps in MHz Frequency Mode)
  • NTSC Compatible
  • Self Test PRBS Mode Built In
eYe Grabber QAM Datasheet