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Music Channel Multiplexer with DVB ASI out

Music Channel Multiplexer with DVB ASI Out for delivering 2-50 channels of music or Radio over Satellite or Cable

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Music Mux™

Real Time Conversion of IP Radio Station Feeds to ASI Over QAM or ASI Over DVB-S2


Single Channel WM Audio to DVB ASI Converter


Radio Mux

MP3 Audio  WMA  Microsoft Windows 7

Real Time Music and Radio over IP to DVB-ASI Multiplexer for Music Channel Creator for Cable and Satellite Networks. Converts Up to 60 Channels of MP3 or WMA IP Radio Streams to a Single Multi Program TS with DVB-ASI Out. Designed to Multiplex Real Time Radio or Other Audio Streams Arriving Via Internet for Inclusion Into a Traditional Video Transport Stream Multiplex. Ideal System for Delivering Local Radio Stations into Unused QAM or Satellite Lineups.


Standard Features:

  • Input: Up to 60 channels of WMA or MP3, arriving via IP
  • Output: Multi program DVB-ASI transport stream (MPTS)
  • Decoding format: WMA and MP3  (We will consider any other format if required)
  • CBR over ASI out
  • Audio format: WMA MP3 (32, 56, 92, 128, 192 kbps)
  • Conversion format: MPEG-1 Layer II audio
  • Mono or Stereo
  • Each stream is assigned a unique PID
  • Reader: HTTP, MMS, or any server string IP
  • Automatic recovery from unstable IP drop-out
  • Message display for input channel performance
  • Log file to track all channel activities
  • Store and recall different sets of IP channels
  • Based on highly reliable server technology
  • PSI table insertion
  • Enterprise Class server
  • 10/100 BaseT Interface
  • Windows® 7
  • Units in operation on 3 continents
  • Audio output supports MPEG-1 Layer II or optional AC3 Dolby® Digital®
  • Options: IBM Server, No brand server, Audio over IP modules

Typical Applications:

  1. Adding music to a cable service lineup
  2. Adding Music to Satellite service lineup
  3. Satellite radio

Mode of Operation:

  1. The system receives the WMA/MP3 audio file sent over IP or local MMS playout server (single or multiple playout).
  2. Decodes the incoming WMA/MP3 files, and converts them to Musicam (MP2) format in real-time.
  3. Then, the MP3 Musicam formatted file feeds our Audio Multiplexer which converts it to a DVB ASI transport stream with a unique PID and provides the multiplexed transport streams on a single BNC connector.

This all happens in real time on 4–60 channels.