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QAM: Broadcast Quality Modular 8VSB ATSC Off Air Receivers With ASI Or IP Out For Turnaround At Cable Head Ends

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Channel Catcher 8 tuner 8VSB+QAM/ASI™




Verona™ 4 Tuner QAM/HD-SDI+IP

Classic Multichannel Off Air Demod with MPEG-2 and H.264 with Most Desired Professional Features Including SAP -- BRAND NEW.

Channel Catcher 8 tuner 8VSB+QAM/ASI

atsc DVB

Verona™ 4 Tuner QAM/HD-SDI+IP

DVB iptv

Broadcast Quality, Multi Channel, Frequency Agile, 2 RU 8VSB or QAM (Combination) Tuner/Demodulator with DVB-ASI Output. Ideal for Digital Turnaround at Cable Head Ends, by Feeding the ASI Outputs into Modulators for Transmodulation. These Modules are also Suitable for Remote Receivers Where the Outputs are Encapsulated into IP.

Broadcast Quality Frequency Agile High Definition Clear QAM Receiver Demodulator with MPEG-2 HD/SD Decoder (2.5-45 Mbps). Decodes DVB-ASI or IP and Demodulates QAM 16, 64, 256 and Converts it to SDI, HD-SDI, RGB, YPrPb, or Composite Output. Transport Streams Play Out in HD or SD Format. Optional Secondary SD Decoder with Composite Output Only. Dolby AC-3 and MPEG Audio Decode with XLR Connectors. Cost Effective MPEG-2 Decoder/Receiver. Additional Features Include SNMP Management. Upgrade to TLV300E-QAM™.

IN: QAM (Annex B), DVB-ASI
OUT: ASI, SDI or HD-SDI, Analog Component (YPbPr or RGB), or Composite (NTSC or PAL)

Broadcast Quality, Frequency Agile, 1 RU, Modular, 1-4 Tuner QAM Receiver or Demodulator and Decoder with 4 Each On Board HD or SD MPEG-2 TS Decoders with RF (QAM Annex B), IP Unicast or Multicast (FEC), or ASI In and SDI, HD-SDI, SMPTE 310M, ASI, or IP Out. Dolby AC-3 and MPEG Audio Decoder with BNC Connectors. Ideal Receiver for Comprehensive Off Air Monitoring of Multiple On Airs via RF or IP for Master Control or ENG Trucks. Features Many On Screen Diagnostics Displayed as Overlay. Supports AES-3 id Audio as well as MPEG-1/2, PCM, and AC-3. Supports BISS and Other CA. SNMP Management. Optional 2nd Audio Outputs (SAP) for More Audio Choices

IN: 1–4 each of QAM, IP, DVB-ASI
OUT: Up to four mirrored HD-SDI/SDI outputs (one per module), plus ASI, SMPTE-310M, and/or MPEG over IP, AAC (H.264), or AC-3 Audio

Standard Features:

  • One to eight receiver modules fit snugly into 2 RU chassis
  • Single demodulator ships with power supply and chassis
  • Optional additional modules can be factory or field installed
  • Tunes to RF center frequency with thumb wheel switch
  • 8VSB, 16VSB, 64QAM, 256QAM support (ITU-T J.83 Annex B)
  • Tunes frequencies from 55 to 860 MHz
    • VHF Channels 2–13
    • UHF Channels 14–69
    • Cable Channels 2–134
  • Dual DVB-ASI outputs
  • SMPTE-310M output mode available
  • Output disable mode available on no lock
  • Fault relay contact available
  • Front panel controls with direct entry switches
  • Front panel LED display with status and fault indicators
  • Signal-to-noise ratio display in 3dB step LED bar display
  • One to eight modules fit into 2 RU chassis that provides power


  • “Cherry picking” channel line ups for cable system operators
  • QAM or 8VSB signal regeneration
  • Schools and universities with cable systems
  • Hotels and Cruise Lines
  • “Content grooming” or “cherry picking” via a TS mux
Channel Catcher 8VSB+QAM

Standard Features:

  • Inputs: QAM (Annex B), DVB-ASI with automatic switchover from QAM to ASI in
  • Optional second RF input port
  • Supports SMPTE 2022 FEC on IP input
  • Outputs:  ASI, SDI or HD-SDI, Analog Component (YPbPr or RGB), Composite (NTSC or PAL), or IP (up to 4 IP transport streams out, SPTS or MPTS)
  • Decodes and displays closed captioning (EIA 608 or EIA 708)
  • Receives QAM signal via 75 ohm F-connector
  • MPEG-2 MP@HL compliant video decoder supplies either digital or analog video outputs
  • NTSC/PAL video output available
  • 2 lines by 40 characters LCD display
  • Down converts HD input to SD out for monitoring
  • Front panel controls for fast setup
  • Firmware upgradeable via internet or USB
  • SNMP (10/100/1000 Base T Ethernet) management
  • Easy-to-use Web-based GUI
  • PSIP display – PAT, PMT, MGT, VCT, EIT, STT
  • Also supports H.264 for future proofing
  • Now supports AFD

    Also works as an HD decoder with:
  • Digital video signal compliant with SMPTE-259M/SMPTE-292M (SDI) with embedded 2 channel audio (SMPTE-299M)
  • Dolby Digital® AC-3, HE-AAC, and MPEG-1/2 5.1 channel audio decoder
  • Dolby Digital (AC-3) or PCM stereo audio selectable over BNC connector
  • Dolby® Pro Logic® compatible stereo audio output on one XLR connector and one D-sub 9P connector
  • RGB video signal with 1080i/720p/480p/480i video mode


  • Off air QAM receiver
  • MPEG-2 HD or SD Decoder
  • Upgrade from TLV300E-QAM
  • Content repurposing


  • Receiver/Decoder with up to 4 tuner/decoder modules
  • Supports Pro-MPEG FEC on IP input
  • Inputs:  Up to 4 channels each of QAM, IP, and DVB-ASI
  • Each tuner/decoder module may have up to three BNC connectors which can be DVB-ASI input, IP input, SMPTE-310M input, DVB-ASI output, SMPTE-310M output or AES-3 PCM or compressed audio output
  • Outputs:  Up to four mirrored HD-SDI/SDI outputs (one per module), plus ASI, HDMI, SMPTE-310M, and/or MPEG over IP
  • SCTE 104/SCTE 35 output
  • IP output supports MPTS or SPTS
  • New preview screen displays decoded output
  • Gigabit Ethernet media port on each module supports four IP outputs and one IP input
  • Audio outputs:  MPEG, PCM, or AC-3
  • Optional Second Audio Outputs (SAP) for 1-4 Tuner/Decoder Modules
  • Includes CAM module and BISS-1/E support
  • Supports "Stream All" for all RF to IP
  • May choose or automate choice of digital stream from QAM or DVB-ASI or SMPTE-310M or IP signal.  Auto switching with sync loss.
  • H.264 (MPEG-4) or MPEG-2 MP@HL compliant video decoder supplies digital video signal
  • Digital video signal compliant with SMPTE-259M or SMPTE-292M (SDI) with embedded 8 channel audio (SMPTE-299M) or embedded compressed audio
  • Dolby Digital® AC-3 and HE-AAC and MPEG-1/2 5.1 channel audio decoder, MPEG-2 AAC-LC (13818-7), MPEG-4 HE-AACv1 (14496-3.2003) support, MPEG-4 HE-AACv2 (14496-3.2004) not available
  • Dolby Digital® AC-3 or PCM stereo audio selectable over BNC connector
  • SDI video signal with 1080i/720p/576p/576i (480i) video mode along with SCTE 35/104
  • PSIP/EIA-608, 708 closed caption compliant
  • Down converts HD input to SD out if requested
  • Firmware upgradeable via Internet
  • SNMP management support (GigE)
  • 2 lines by 40 characters LCD display
  • Dual power supply option available


  • Multichannel "Off Cable" terrestrial receiver
  • Multichannel MPEG-2/4/H.264 HD Decoder
  • Content repurposing
  • RF to IP with RFC 3022 out
  • Multichannel IP decoder
  • Reduce CAPEX and OPEX with density
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