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DVB-ASI Storage, In, Out: Redundancy Failover Switch

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DVB Guardian™


DVB Guardian™ III


DVB Guardian ™

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DVB Guardian

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Two Input DVB-ASI Transport Stream Failover Switch with Automatic Switching to the Secondary TS Input if Problems are Detected with Primary Input. Features “Smart” TS Quality Analyzer, User Programmable Switching, Web-based Management, and Real Time Error and Status Reporting. Created for satellite, cable, and other content where N+1 redundancy in signal paths is crucial. Based on Dell 1950 III server with redundant power supply and optional RAID drives.

DVB-ASI Redundant Automatic Bypass Relay Switch with up to 6 independent 1+1 switching modules. Multichannel DVB-ASI Transport Stream Failover Switch automatically switches to the secondary TS input if problems are detected with primary input. Monitors up to six channels in real time.


Standard Features:

  • Switching occurs on either poor transport stream or missing PID
  • Automatic switch to secondary input
  • Intelligent Real Time Transport Stream Monitoring
  • Web interface for remote configuration management
  • Access Control to restrict unauthorized users
  • Mechanical Bypass Relay connects primary input to output in the event of power failure
  • Configurable delay to switch from primary to secondary input
  • Carrier Detect, Synchronization, and Bitrate status on active input
  • Configurable automatic switch back to primary
  • Preview of incoming stream, locally or over the network
  • Configurable option to playout a file from a backup source
  • Configurable watchdog timer
  • 1 RU rackmount Dell 1950 III server with optional RAID configuration
  • Logging history indicates switch state with date and time stamp
  • Green and Red Status indicators to indicate active and inactive inputs
  • RoHS compliant server with redundant power supply

Failover Mechanism:

    1. What conditions will trigger the failover?

    DVB Guardian will monitor carrier detect and the presence of sync bytes in the stream.

    2. Are the conditions user-programmable?

    The user can program the length of time that both carrier detect and presence of sync combined is monitored before a failover. This is programmable from 0 to 20 seconds.


  • Transport stream failover protection in cable head ends
  • Transport stream protection in Teleports
  • Transport stream protection for On Air video servers


  • Automatically switches to the back-up transport stream source when problems occur
  • Switching occurs on either transport stream sync loss or up to 8 PID losses
  • Encoding Compatible with DVB-ASI (EN50083-9) standard
  • Up to 6 independent 1+1 switching modules in 1 RU 19 inch chassis
  • Built-in real time transport stream monitoring
  • Input and Output bit-rate up to 160 Mbps on each switch module
  • Automatic or manual switch mode
  • TS sync loss and PIDs loss as switching condition
  • Mechanical Bypass Relay to output in the event of power failure
  • DC 12V backup power supply
  • Remote control, supervision and by SNMP and HTTP Web


  • Transport stream failover protection in cable head ends
  • Transport Stream Protection in Teleports
  • Transport Stream Protection for On Air Video servers