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Inexpensive, Broadcast Grade, 8 or 10 Bit SDI (SMPTE 259M) Disk Server, Player, and Recorder, with 8 or 10 bit SDI Input and Output with VCR Like Controls for Broadcast Quality Recording and Playback of Uncompressed Digital Content to Local Hard Drive. Features Remote Management, Random Access via Slider, and Includes an Advanced Playback and Record Scheduler. Ideal Low Cost VTR Replacement with SDI SMPTE 259M Output at Digital Studios with SDI Switching/Infrastructure.



  • Captures and plays back SDI, with playback and record scheduler
  • Digital Uncompressed Video Input: SDI SMPTE 259M (8 or 10 bit at 270 Mbps)
  • Incorporates 1 TB HD sufficient for 7 hrs of uncompressed video at 8 bit
  • Interfaces to all digital workflows
  • Video Format: 720x486 (525) /59.94i (ITU)
  • Advanced playback and record Scheduler for Day, Week, Month, or Year
  • Clock Reference Input Connector (Black Burst)
  • Features Rich easy-to-use GUI with slider for random access
  • Supports IP input to the local hard drive – convenient for file transfers
  • Continuous play or single play modes
  • 500 GB Hard Drive or larger storage lets you build, maintain, and use a large local library of Video Clips.  This can be expanded to 2 T bytes.
  • Audio: assumed to be embedded in video
  • Windows® 7 based
  • Remote management via Web interface or command line for automation
  • DVD or Blu-ray™ recorder for import or export of resources
  • External RAID option with 12 TB
  • Incorporates SMPTE time code or network time protocol for R.T.C. adjustments
The DigiDisk/SDI™ is a state of the art disk recorder featuring High Performance disk storage and provides many features of tape based video disk recorders. Unlike video editing systems we do not in any way alter the signal.  We capture the signal exactly as you feed it to us.  We assume that audio is embedded into the SDI signal. Our unit features a simple, no nonsense, GUI that is easy to master.  Once configured you will use 3 controls: record, store, and play.  We are also more than willing to customize the feature set for your particular needs whether for the event production, presentation, or the post production market.


  • Ideal for General Broadcast applications as a VTR
  • Generating SDI streams for testing purposes
  • Post Production Integration
  • Instant Uncompressed Playback
  • Continuous High Quality Uncompressed trade show signal source
  • Replacement for D1 Tape Decks
Standard System:
  • 4 RU 19" Industrial Computer (Black) with rails
  • 3 each 500 GB – SATA HD in RAID 0
  • Windows® 7
  • LCD front panel touch screen
    NOTE:  No keyboard, mouse, or monitors are shipped with any DigiDisk SDI.
  • Extended warranty for two years with Express Drive Exchange
  • Custom transport streams can be provided


Uncompressed SDI 8/10 bits
Output: Uncompressed SDI 8/10 bits
Audio: Assumed to be embedded in Video
Playback Scheduler: Advanced playback Scheduler for Day, Week, Month, or Year

Control & Monitoring:

  • Front panel controls
  • Remote management via Web interface or Command Line interface

Warranty: 1 year on site for Server

1 year on all other components with 48 hour replacement for Disk drives