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SIGNAGE Digital Video Signage Server For Live Video With IP Out

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Streaming Video Signage Server



Ad Serter IP/ASI/SDI

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Broadcast Quality, Real Time, 3 RU, Multichannel, Windows® Based, Web Manageable, H.264 or MPEG-2 Oriented, Automated Content and Ad Repository with the Ability to Play Out Live and Stored Content on a Schedule with Flexible Standards Compliant Video Ads, Text, or Graphics Insertion via Overlay, Splicing, or Video Squeeze.  Supports SCTE 35 / SCTE 104 and EAS Triggers and will Splice in Internal or External Live Clips as Needed.  Supports IP, ASI, or SDI/HD-SDI.  Designed for Professionals Who are Ready to Move to Powerful Computer Platforms that can Give Them Everything Needed to Operate Channels in a Single Box.  Perfect for Super Positioning Ads on DOOH and Mobile Applications.


Standard Features:

  • Complete scheduled playout system
  • Inserts or overlays graphical ads, video clips, logos, graphics, CG, scrolling text, and emergency alerts into live and stored video feeds on a schedule or via signaling like SCTE-35 or SCTE-104
  • HD or SD
  • Passes through Closed caption, AFD and other user data
  • Secure Remote Scheduling from anywhere via Web Interface
  • Generates playlists for time-shifted content that includes long form spots, all national ads, local ads and content.
  • Built in intelligence makes scheduling easy
  • IP input and output for multi screen implementations
  • DVB-ASI input and output version available for broadcast
  • SDI/HD-SDI input and output version available for classic CG
  • Supports 1080p, 1080i, 720p, and 480i, and all standard broadcast resolutions
  • Selects transport streams by program numbers or PIDs
  • Features daily, weekly, and monthly schedule-based logos, alerts, and text insertion
  • Arbitrary location for graphics
  • Choose from static, rotating, flipping, or blinking graphics, logos, and text
  • Manages Ad inventories, logs Ad Plays, and generates Proof of Play list
  • Creates crawling messages and emergency alerts with programmable fonts and background colors, in any language
  • Creates Real Time Clock display in programmable fonts and colors anywhere on screen
  • Displays remaining and next advertisement Time in output video
  • Scales Input video from 10% to 100% and overlay on graphics – Ideal for EPG
  • Overlays animating PNG files and scales Input Video from 10% to 100% – Ideal for L-Wrap, L-Squeeze and transparent overlays. Video squeezes.
  • Select any degree of transparency
  • Easy drag and drop placement to position logo, text, or graphics on screen
  • News feeds from RSS in any language, with programmable fonts and background colors
  • Able to mask entire screen with a static image in case of video input failure
  • ASI version features Auto Bypass in case of power failure of SSAI Ad Serter
  • Sun Fade Detection to play prerecorded content on Solar Flare Days
  • Optional Live Recorder function to record live content to play in the case of loss of input signal
  • Service Schedule for maintenance of antenna or other infrastructure
  • 1 RU or 3 RU rack mountable frame
  • Web based GUI with multi-level access control and Drop Box Inputs for all content
  • Template based character generator. Supports 3D fonts.
  • Works as a playout server – with or without input signal
  • EAS support is standard
  • SLATE function puts up an Empty Background on which you can type messages
  • Comprehensive Customization to your needs is possible
  • ESAM support in development
  • Stores and manages Content, Ads, Messages, and Graphics clips, on local RAID
  • Optional analog Cue Tone Detection
  • Supports many forms of GPI
  • ASI version can also play recorded files from hard drive, in loop mode
  • Ships with a copy of Aurora 3D Maker for Windows
  • We are now working on Advertising Templates which will be adaptable by you for both for Product Advertising and Weather Type information channel


  • Ad overlays for Web Streaming, OTT, IPTV, mobile video, cell, etc.
  • Ideal POP UP ad creator
  • Mobile Ad Delivery Platform
  • DOOH platform
  • Crawling text and graphics overlay for local advertising and announcements, station logo, KLV Metadata, etc.
  • Add logos, graphics, and text to live clips, news broadcast segments – Weather, Sports, etc.
  • Emergency alert system for Signage, Broadcast, Cable
  • Video Messaging System
Ad Serter IP ASI SDI Datasheet