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April 1, 2005

NAB Booth SU11119

DVEO® Unveils StreamValve IIT, its Second Generation Transport Stream Recorder Application

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New web-oriented management features and an intuitive GUI make StreamValve II digital disk recorder software easier to use

San Diego, CA - DVEO®, the broadcast division of DVEO, will unveil StreamValve II at NAB 2005. StreamValve II is a second generation Digital Video Disk Recorder Application designed to make it easy to record and playback transport streams in digital head-ends or where one needs to capture or playback transport streams for test and other real world applications. StreamValve II can capture and playback transport streams via any of the DVEO® family of DVB ASI cards. It is designed to provide low- cost disk recorder functionality that has been previously only been available in expensive test equipment.

"StreamValve II is one of the easiest to use Transport Stream Recorder applications on the market today. The new remote management features will allow customers to fully automate the process of capturing and playing back transport streams continuously and thus will yield great productivity," stated Les Zoltan, Sales Manager for DVEO®.

StreamValve II incorporates an easy-to-use interface that leads you through each step of the capture and playback process. A multi-stream architecture allows simultaneous recording of up to 4 transport streams. Keywords assist with the automation of file management and data entry. Profile creation allows you to create or customize recording parameters. Project level management offers high quality recording across all projects.






  • Capture a single or multi-program transport stream to a designated file on a designated hard disk
  • Sophisticated Transport Stream analyzer that can identify PIDs, encoding rates, PSI, DVB, PSIP tables, etc.
  • Filter out specified PIDs for capture
  • Playing back specified PIDs by time and by size
  • Video preview via on included viewer
  • VCR-like functionality
  • Web interface for remote management


Typical Configuration

  • CPU - AMD 1400+ or Intel equivalent
  • RAM - 512MB
  • Video card - AGP
  • Two hard drives - In addition to the system drive; a high-speed secondary drive should be installed for storing and playing the MPEG files. Two 80GB drives are recommended.

DVEO® Cards that are compatible with StreamValve II include:

    • DVB Master III Tx
    • DVB Master III Rx
    • DVB Master Quad/i
    • DVB Master FD
    • DVB Master FD-U
    • DVB Master FD-R
    • DVB Master FD-B
    • DVB Master FD-B/R
    • MultiMaster A/S
    • MultiMaster S/A
    • SDI Master

Suggested Retail Price: StreamValve II: $995.00 US



About DVEO and DVEO®

DVEO is a privately held company founded in 1982 by Laszlo (Les) Zoltan and is headquartered in San Diego, California. DVEO®, the recently formed Professional Broadcast Division of Computer Modules Inc., sells DVB ASI, SMPTE 310M, SMPTE259M, SMPTE292M, and HDTV products to the top television broadcast companies throughout the world.

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