DVEO Fast Channel Solutions

Free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) is growing rapidly. Your company cannot be left out of this revolution.

Ad monetization is the key revenue stream for Fast Channels!

It's an excellent opportunity for content and video service providers to expand their direct-to-consumer digital reach while also monetizing their content by introducing a FAST channel. Those who already have a library of SVOD or AVOD material may quickly develop a FAST channel and begin bringing in ad revenue immediately. The more people who view your content and ads, the more money you'll make.

With our FAST Channel Solution, video service providers can enhance their income by reaching more viewers on any internet-connected device. Quickly and customizable, your company can launch your own FAST Channel using DVEO's cloud technology.

What are the benefits of launching your own FAST TV?

check FAST channels maximize the potential of your content library.
check Boost or diversify your video-related revenue.
check Promote your content through FAST channels.
check No matter what, thematic channels will always have a loyal following.
check In terms of promotion and engagement, fast channels are an excellent marketing tool.
check Increase your revenue by placing advertisements on your fast channels.

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We won't just help you get the technology up and running.
We can also give you advice and help as your video service grows and moves into new markets.

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