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Multichannel Live HDSDI SMPTE 292M to HLS Encoder with VOD for Stadiums

Live Multichannel HDSDI Content Delivery Systems for HLS direct to Hundreds or Thousands of Users with Support for Most IP TV or Mobile IP Devices -- perfect for use in Stadiums or TV Production Sets where Video needs to be PIPED via IP

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Gearbox™ II HD-SDI Encoder + ANYTIME with 12 HD-SDI Inputs

Ingests 12 Live HD-SDI Inputs. Instantly Encodes, Transcodes, Archives, and Streams these to 20+ H.264 Profiles as Needed for Use by Different Devices (Grooming). Adds Wrappers and Containers in REAL TIME. Thereafter Caches and Keeps Alive and Serves Both these "Real Time Groomed" Files and Resident (Groomed) Files for 200+ Users. Continuously Seeks to Discover all Files on Other Servers. Create a Mini CDN. Perfect for TELCOs, Stadiums, Schools where live programming is highly valued. "A well designed all-in-one video delivery system."

Gearbox HD-SDI Encoder + ANYTIME Server with 8 HD-SDI Inputs

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Linux® Based Powerful Multichannel (12 1080p, 18 720p60, or 48 SD Channels) LIVE H.264 Encoder (Groomer) and Media Distribution Server with VOD option all combined in a single 3 RU Chassis. Supports Major Brands of DRM. Encodes All Incoming LIVE HD-SDI Video Streams in Real Time to H.264 with Popular Wrappers Such as HLS, RTMP, or H.264 TS Formats or Containers and Very Quickly Caches/Stores the Arriving Video Streams to Create Amazing ANYTIME Experience for Over 500 Users Simultaneously. The Auto Archiving Feature Enhanced by our Small Recording Segments Video means that Streams are Instantly Transcoded and Thus Quickly End Up as VOD Files. Ideal VOD Server for STUDIOS, Stadiums, Concert Halls, etc. who Rely on Both Live and Resident Content. Thanks to Load Balancing, These Servers can be Placed Anywhere so Subscribers Get Fast and Smooth Video from Servers Nearest to Their Location. We Utilize Off the Shelf Hardware and UBUNTU Linux® Coupled with Intel® Solid State Drives. Unit Supports Wrappers and Protocols that are Needed to Support Most of Today's Mobile Devices, STB's, and OTT Televisions. Since These Servers Automatically Discover Files on Other Anytime or Non Anytime Servers, Some Customers use These to Create or Augment their CDNs. For Best Results ANYTIME Server needs to be Located on High Speed IP Connections.


Standard Features:

  • Each unit Grooms 10 HD or 20 SD streams simultaneously
  • Designed for both Live and Stored TV applications with any content persistence policy
  • Total Streams and Users determined by I/O and Memory BW
  • Incoming streams can be SDI, HD-SDI, or HDMI in any mixture
  • Supports REST and SOAP
  • Ships standard with 24 Gbytes of memory
  • Can deliver any of over 500 streams at .1 to 1 Mbps from on board magnetic HD and more with Intel® Solid State Drives
  • Units can be daisy chained via FAST IP backbone
  • Autonomous asset propagation: Designed to propagate content between servers located across great distances such as between cities or continents
  • Incorporates live H.264 encoders or transcoders for optimal resolution and wrappers
  • Billing, subscriber management, enhanced caching, and multi-lingual capabilities can be added via other parties
  • Supports Cached Video Streaming over the Internet
  • Supports SD, HD, and most standard video formats
  • Built with Dual Power Supplies and Redundant IP ports on Dell, HP, or Supermicro platforms
  • Supports most mobile devices including Apple, Android, RIM, etc.
  • Supports Verimatrix® VCAS™, AES128, and other CP technologies
  • Can Be Scaled to Hundreds of Servers to support Millions of concurrent users by using load balancing technology
  • Designed to handle FULL SCREEN targets or Mobile devices
  • Supported by DVEO®™
  • Requires good bandwidth
  • See Output File Format List Below
  • CableLabs® compliance: Optional


  • Feeding HD-SDI from Production Trucks to Production Crew or to Audiences via IP over RF
  • Feeding HDSDI from Production Trucks to Audiences in Stadiums, Arenas, etc...
  • Global Content Distribution via your own CDN 
  • Live Video Auto Archive and then to VOD
  • VOD support for small, midsized IPTV
  • Movies on demand
  • Multiscreen Content delivery
  • Education Video Server
  • Network PVR
  • Go Back TV
  • Cruise Ship Video Server
  • Ethnic Channel Video Server
  • STADIUMS and Public Venues
  • Airports
  • Build a CDN or add live input to a CDN