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End to End Online Video Delivery Platform we can build for you or we help you operate it. Supports all Major CDN's and also available in CLOUD via AWS, AZURE, etc.


On Demand & Live

We can deliver a private Cloud for you for point to point delivery or for specialized services such as Cloud Transcoding



Full Featured VOD, EPG, GO BACK etc. "DVEO Middleware and Player in one." Supports Windows,Macs, iPhones, Android Devices Sold under License Agreements

Video Platform"
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Video Platform II

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The zXORA player

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Ad Supported "Your Branded" Scalable Self Managed "Cloud" Delivery or "On Premises" Platform for Entertainment, Sports, Religious, Educational, Military, Corporate, etc.  Content Delivery Almost Everywhere on Almost Any Device.  A full function on or off premises content delivery platform that provides self managed upload, transcode/ad insertion, grooming, geofencing, delivery, and player support for small to large organizations who have content to deliver to an established customer base via a "turn key" platform.  Such cloud based platforms offer unlimited scalability, optimal uptime, and require little upfront investment.  You can choose to purchase some or all services from us.  Also available as on premises equipment.  Ad support is built in.

Affordable, secure, next generation content delivery service model that relies on DVEO licenses for affordable encoding, transcoding, playout, ad insertion, video player, etc. on hardware that utilizes any of the popular cloud platform providers like Amazon Elastic Cloud™ (EC2) or Azure, or Microsoft, or Google Cloud. This model ends up saving you both on CAPEX and OPEX. The cost of this architecture will continuously drop as bandwidth prices continue to decline due to competitive forces. Furthermore, hardware virtualization creates superlative value for anyone wishing to manage content delivery to an in-house subscriber base. DVEO can assume some or all of the service functions.

Zxora is a customizable, fully secure, cloud enabled, middleware for STB's, Android, IOS, ROKU and smart TV platforms that enable cable, OTT, and IPTV operators to bring up a full featured Subscription or Ad Supported TV Service in 60+ days utilizing DVEO's infrastructure platform. This middleware is proven and is ready to deploy on ROKU, IOS, Android, Windows based devices. We support AES-128, Verimatrix and Widevine DRM. Our Control Panel system server is part of most implementations.

Service Features:

  • Contribution: Your Premises
    Camera, Video Server, or IRD Sources
    • Send your content from your location to DVEO Video Platform Cloud
    • MultiStreamer™ Origin Encoder with HD-SDI or HDMI inputs and HLS, TS out
    • Gearbox™ Origin Encoder with up to 16 HD-SDI or HDMI inputs and HLS, TS out
    • Your existing encoders with HLS, TS outputs
    • Your video servers with TS or HLS outputs
    • Your satellite or over the air IRDs with TS outputs
  • Live Transcoding
    • Inputs: DOZER™, UDP/RTP, RTSP, RTMP, HLS
    • Outputs: UDP/RTP, RTMP, HLS, DASH
    • Output Video Codecs: H.264, H.265
    • Output Audio Codecs: AAC-LC, HE-AAC, HE-AACv2, MPEG-2
    • Transcode channel to multiple different resolutions for multiscreen playback
    • Packaging for HLS TS, HLS fMP4, DASH
    • Insert SCTE 35 via GPI triggers
    • Add logos if desired
  • File Encoding
    • Outputs: HLS TS, HLS fMP4, DASH VOD
    • Output Video Codecs: H264, H265
    • Output Audio Codecs: AAC-LC, HE-AAC, HE-AACv2
    • Encode Files to multiple different resolutions
    • Watch Folder for batch Encoding
  • Protect Your Content with DRM
    • Encryption: Widevine®, AES 128
    • Supports BuyDRM™, Verimatrix®
  • Live Timeshift Delay / Catchup TV
    • Delay Live IP channels by Minutes or Hours
    • Support Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward with HLS/Dash outputs
    • Catch up TV HLS/DASH: Go back to start of program or specific time of day
  • Server Side Ad Insertion:
    • Insert SCTE 35 via scheduler
    • Add VAST manifest based on profile
    • Vast working with several ad exchanges.
    • Supports Vast version 2, 3, and 4
    • Insert ads if SCTE 35 is embedded
    • Pull ads according to manifest/profile
  • Live & VOD Distribution: Push Content to End Users, Partner, CDN
    • Push Live or VOD content to CDN. Deliver to users by creating relationship with the right CDN based on geography, price, QoS, and suitability desired
    • Distribute content direct to users from DVEO Video Platform
    • Push content to Affiliates anywhere in world with Packet Recovery Software
  • Player and Middleware Management
    • Provide downloadable player via app store or website with appropriate skin
    • Provide support for mobile devices, PCs, Android™, IoS, Roku® devices, etc.
    • Create support for both private and public clouds
    • Create and Manage subscriptions
    • Analytics on what channels users are watching
    • Geofencing: Restrict playout to geographic area
    • Billing and Profiling: Enter profile info and ensure payments.  Enable/Disable users who are authorized/ unauthorized


  • Easily Manage Content: Simply deposit your content into a watch folder and take advantage of intelligent publishing workflows to make it available to any user, on any device. The ultimate power of the DVEO Video Cloud: On Demand & Live rests in integrating and publishing live and on demand streams from high quality encoding sources such as DVEO’s Brutus™, media systems such as DVEO’s Video Platform II™, and virtually any third party encoder or media system.
  • Pre-defined Content Workflows:  We enable you to define video ingest and video publishing workflows.  We enable you to select sources, select files, and manage storage and other resources via remote control.  Workflow publishing automates the delivery of content to websites, mobile devices, tablets and set top boxes as well as leverage social media integration with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other outlets.  The DVEO Video Cloud: On Demand & Live is simple to use and easy to implement, allowing you to get started quickly and scales with your needs as your video publishing requirements expand.
  • Analytics and Reporting:  Users can run many types of reports, including performance of the cloud servers, performance of the content quality, and who watched the content for how long.  Quality of service and content analytics as well as audience demographics give you unparalleled visibility into the performance of your content and the characteristics of your online audience.  Users can run reports on individual media assets or on specific groups of media (through search and tags) and have access to granular to-the-second media engagement analytics which are essential for understanding the behaviour of sort-form content.  The DVEO Video Cloud: On Demand & Live also provides plug-ins to connect with additional third party reporting tools. 
  • Exceptional Support and Professional Services:  The DVEO Video Cloud: On Demand & Live includes 24x7 support, training and account management to ensure everything is there to implement and support your needs.  If you have specific configuration and development needs, our team can help you integrate a complete end to end media workflow solution, from content ingest and file transcoding, to storage and delivery in partnership with several CDN Services.  From standard services to a completely customized development effort, the DVEO team can help you build the right solution to fit your organization’s needs.


  • Works on Android Mobile, Android Set top box, Android TV, iPhone, Apple TV, ROKU, Firestick
  • Real Time EPG Guide
  • Support Ad Insertion and in-stream Ad playback
  • Multiple Services in one application
  • Works on desktop in your browser or as Application
  • Seamless play using HLS
  • Client and server side Ad Insertion using VAST
  • Supports DRM
  • VAST - Pixel Tracking
  • Ad Analytics
  • Targeted Ad Insertion
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Multi-Bitrate support
  • Closed Captions
  • Customizable UI and Theme Experience
  • End-to-end Encrypted Data Delivery (AES)
  • VOD (Video-on-Demand)
  • DVR/PVR (Digital/Personal Video Recording)
  • Record and play back with one touch on EPG
  • Multi language support
  • Peer to Peer – Group Chat while watching program (For 2020 End launch)
  • Usage statistics – To limit use by children!
  • Scaleable from 50 - 5,000,000 users
  • Payment gateway integrated
  • Subscription management services
  • MAC ID based authentication for set top boxes.
  • Compatible with DVEO Playserver
zXORA Player

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zXORA Player zXORA Player


End to End IPTV Platform we can build for you or we help you operate it. We provide the middleware and all the servers.


A multipoint to multipoint content delivery service for end points to cloud, or cloud to end points.


The Master Controller for Authentication, Middleware Management, Billing, Ad Insertion, DRM

Enterprize IPTV PRO

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Video Platform II

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Dozer Cloud
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 zXora Player   

A secure IPTV ecosystem that delivers corporate or educational channels or broadcast content to every desktop, monitor, and screen throughout your organization. Designed to work with DVEO's zXORA™ Player or "THEOplayer™".  Ships with ATLAS™ and IPTV Controller™ servers to serve thousands of users simultaneously. Comes with comprehensive EPG, and management tools to view and control user and group permissions. An ideal platform to deliver content securely to your selected audience across all media devices.

Easy to implement (ARQ) error correction and AES encrypted point to multipoint content distribution service based on DVEO DOZER™. This is a build-your-own network you set up by purchasing licenses from us. You do not buy any hardware (CAPEX) and do not maintain the hardware (OPEX). You set up your own cloud or you set up the licenses on Amazon Elastic Cloud or Azure Cloud. Target customers want to deliver content from their local source to overseas affiliates and expect significant packet loss and also desire AES128 security. Savings come in OPEX since there are minimal up front expenses and very low manpower is needed.

On Premises or Cloud Based IPTV OTT CONTROL oriented video player management workstation. Designed to feed video and ads to third party video players like THEOplayer™, X Player™, or JW Player™ and others on demand. This workstation is designed to both manage your player parameters such as Access Control, EPG, Network, Video Quality, Notifications, Device Types, DRM, and feed your player with the appropriate URLs for content and ads. Supports VAST and SPOTX. Will also collect information about viewer patterns. Works with IPTV as well. Supports cross platform video advertising.


  • Supports desktops, mobile devices, monitors via your IP
  • Provides support for graphic oriented and text oriented info channels via our info server
  • Centralized management server allows controlled distribution of specific channels to geofenced or specific IP addresses
  • Centralized management application provides user statistics and reports
  • Supports Active Directory
  • AES-128, Verimatrix®, Widevine® encryption guarantees that your content remains secure and cannot be redistributed
  • Built in EPG is crucial to finding content easily
  • Supports DOZER™ and Pro-MPEG FEC
  • Creation of Media Library by uploading your custom content or recorded materials
  • Comes with "You Branded" zXORA™ player
  • Compatible with "THEOplayer™" and soon other players


  • Secure encrypted video feeds for corporate training and company announcements
  • Multiscreen content delivery for universities and online learning
  • Video feeds with text and graphics to hotels, cruise ships, restaurants, and resorts


  • Addable feature to Proxicaster™, MultiStreamer™, Gearbox™, Brutus™, Gearbox™ II, and D-Streamer™ product lines
  • Automated Packet Recovery: Unlike FEC protocols, it only sends extra data when packet loss is detected by the DOZER receiver and reported to the DOZER sender
  • Protocol completely corrects packet loss and jitter in transmission path 
  • Underlying traffic is AES128 encrypted
  • Typical inputs/Outputs:  2 each Gig/E ports
  • Supports IP UDP unicast and multicast, in or out
  • Available as a Windows® application
  • Will not examine the transport stream.  It merely forwards all packets.
  • IP address and ports can be remapped to different ones if necessary in the remote network
  • Configurable destination port on listener for firewall traversal
  • Can be configured for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint functionality 
  • Supports up to four destinations in primary/backup or split transmission configuration for redundant or load balanced setups
  • Each “"DOZER instance" can be configured as a sender, a receiver, or both
  • One DOZER transmitter can send 50+ channels to 32 DOZER receivers  
  • Each receiver device can output UDP on a local network to one or many different devices using second Ethernet port
  • DOZER Transmitter-Receiver connections are authenticated with user name and password for additional security
  • Performance certified with WAN Emulator Appliance testing

Features (Not all Present):

  • Event listener
  • Player configuration
  • Configure advertising
  • Configure DRM such as Widevine,Verimatrix
  • Authorization Management System for accounts
  • Configure video quality
  • Configure notifications
  • Prepaid Card Management
  • Manage VAST scripts
  • Configure VOD and Catchup
  • Configure EPG and manage all changes
  • Configure ad insertion modes and modalities
  • Powerful Logging, Statistics, and Connector Logs
  • Interact with Ad Exchanges SPOTX.
  • CDN and ISP support
  • Supports MAG devices
  • Thumbnails
  • Access control
  • Works with STALKER
  • Geofencing: Restrict playout to geographic area
  • Manage Ads, Inserts and Overlays
  • Supports VAST and SPOTX


  • Hotel Information Management
  • Manage and control all your video playout to video players and STB's, phones, TV's, and iPADS
  • Configure video security, DRM notifications, and more
  • Capture audience data and analytics
zXORA Player Dozer Cloud pdf



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Professional Application for creating OTT or IPTV channels on Roku® or Android™ set-top boxes. Enables anyone to quickly create a private channel icon on any Roku® or Android™ set-top box and obtain a new channelized line-up of content that you are served via a DVEO ATLAS™ server. All one does is insert a "code". Each channel will appear on a "splash home page" with icons and brief descriptions. The purpose of this app is to enable smaller telcos, schools, churches, hotels, venues, or other organizations to quickly and easily create a community of viewers. Private channels are not displayed on the Roku® channel store unless added manually. Once added, however, the channel will be visible thereafter. P.S.: There are over 20,000 private channels on Roku®.




  • Make your own app for Roku® and Android™ set-top boxes in minutes
  • Supports all broadcast resolutions
  • Relies on DVEO's ATLAS™ Packaging Server to serve the channels
  • Relies on Brutus™ Telco Groomers to groom all streams to the needed resolution and bit rate
  • Streams can be monitored via third party monitoring services
  • Create, edit, and manage all your apps with one software application
  • Customize the app with your branding – add logos, video titles, descriptions, pictures, different backgrounds/colors, URLs, etc.
  • Can deliver live or VOD HLS URLs to all Roku® devices from CDNs or other servers
  • Addable feature to Brutus™, Gearbox™ II, Gearbox™, Ministreamer™, MultiStreamer™, and D-Streamer™ product lines
  • Also available as a small standalone system to use with CDNs
  • Easy to configure and manage


  • Create branded streaming apps for your own channel for Roku® and Android™ set-top boxes
  • Expand your audience reach
  • Ideal for small to mid-size operators