Insert SCTE35 Markers

Introducing our cutting-edge method for smoothly integrating the SCTE35 marker into your live feeds. Whether you need to manually insert markers or schedule them for exact timing, our platform provides the flexibility and control you need. We offer a full broadcasting system that includes IP and SDI inputs as well as UDP, RTMP, and SRT outputs.

Our solution is designed to function smoothly with your existing process. Whether you're broadcasting over IP or SDI, our platform accepts a variety of input formats, ensuring interoperability with your existing infrastructure. With support for UDP, RTMP, and SRT outputs, you can easily send your streams to a number of destinations.

In addition to marker insertion, our platform has a number of other options to help you improve your broadcasting capabilities. From closed captioning support to extensive monitoring and analytics tools, we provide everything you need to give high-quality video broadcasts to your audience.

Technical Specifications:

  • Inputs: IP, SDI
  • Outputs: UDP, RTMP, SRT


Technical Diagram:

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