Insert Local Ads

Our dynamic solution, the DVEO Streaming Manager, can help you achieve your broadcasting goals. Local advertisements may be seamlessly inserted into your video stream with remarkable flexibility, using schedules, SCTE35 markers, or DTMF tones.

Our platform accepts a wide range of input types, ensuring interoperability with your existing infrastructure. Whether it's IP or SDI, our solution can manage everything. With IP input formats like UDP, RTSP, RTMP (push and pull), HLS, and SRT, you may select the approach that best fits your workflow.

Easily integrate with your choice of output channels, whether IP or SDI. Our platform supports a variety of output formats, including UDP, RTMP push, and SRT, assuring a smooth delivery to your audience.

One of the most notable aspects of our system is its ability to insert local ads with precision and efficiency. Whether you're following a predefined schedule, using SCTE35 markers, or responding to DTMF tones, our technology allows you to easily insert ads into your stream, boosting income potential while increasing viewer engagement.

With the DVEO Streaming Manager, you're not just investing in a solution – you're investing in the future of your broadcasting endeavors. Streamline your operations, enhance your monetization strategies, and captivate your audience with tailored, localized advertising experiences.

Technical Specifications:

  • Inputs: IP, SDI
  • IP Input Format: UDP, RTSP, RTMP push & pull, HLS, SRT
  • Outputs: IP, SDI
  • IP Output Format: UDP, RTMP push, SRT

Technical Diagram:

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