RF to IP Transcoder

The DVEO RF to IP Gateway Receiver is your go-to solution for flawless RF signal receipt and conversion to IP streams. Our gateway receiver, which is built to match the demands of contemporary broadcasting, supports 8–16 channels, guaranteeing extensive coverage for your content distribution requirements.

Our Receiver provides adaptability and compatibility with a wide range of RF signals, allowing you to collect signals from varied sources with ease. Support for many input protocols includes ATSC, QAM, DVBS/S2, DVBT/T2, and DVBC.

With our gateway receiver's versatile output choices, which include SRT and UDP protocols, you can easily send IP streams to the locations you want them to go. Additionally, you can preserve the integrity of your material during the receiving and conversion process using the DVEO RF to IP Gateway Receiver's video and audio passthrough features. By using audio and video passthrough, you can guarantee that your audience gets the best possible quality without any deterioration.

Technical Specifications:

  • Channels: 8-20ch
  • Input: ATSC, QAM, DVBS/S2, DVBT/T2, DVBC
  • Video Encode: MPEG2, H264, H265, AV1
  • Audio Encode: AAC, AC3, MPEG

Technical Digram:

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