About DVEO

DVEO® is a leader in Encoding, Transcoding, Delivering, and Decoding video over IP. Created in 1981, DVEO® works worldwide to reinvent the cable, telco, and broadcasters market into the future of IP. Elected by Streaming Media "one of the most important, most innovative, and most interesting companies in the online video field" at the 2020 Streaming Media 50 list, DVEO offers cutting-edge technology for streaming hardware.

DVEO® started by building "process control" equipment in the ’80s. In the ’90s, the company created data communications products for the IBM PC and in the early 2000s, DVEO® dived into the broadcast hardware market pioneering the DVB-ASI format. In 2007, the company started to focus on video over IP, and recently DVEO® went on to provide solutions for Playout Server, Ad Insertion, Middleware (IPTV and OTT), Live Streaming, Stream Analysis, Stream monitoring 24/7, and RF Analysis

We are passionate about technology

Working side-by-side with top technology, DVEO® solutions can easily receive, encode, modulate, and stream live video over their IP networks to Professional IRD's, STBs, IOS, Android devices, etc. With our advanced high or/and standard definition encoding and streaming, DVEO® devices support the latest and most widely used video codecs, protocols, and wrappers, and containers, such as H.264 AVC, H.265, MPEG-2, HLS, RTMP, RTSP, IGMP, Multicast, etc.

DVEO® has built an international reputation for delivering cost-effective solutions for telco, broadcasters, and the cable Industry. The company's products are in every part of the world. That's why about 40% of our products are shipped outside the USA.

We are passionate about technology and we are truly obsessed with satisfying every customer. Check out our latest news in our blog or contact us here!