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Nowadays as service provider or content owner in the competitive world of video services today, you feel driven to look for ways to make your business better and more efficient in every way. When it comes to safety, DVEO DRM gives you a competitive edge by giving you a DRM service that works very well. Content is encoded, packaged, and sent to every device in your network.


Easy Set-up

Your video service can be safe and secure in hours, not weeks, with a simple cloud-based service and tried-and-true API integrations.


Multi-Cloud Redundancy

Our service is available and reliable because our technology is spread across the best cloud data centers and backbone networks in the world.



Our technology and prices can be adjusted to meet your service needs, from the smallest trial to the traffic peaks of popular live event delivery.


Support to MPEG-DASH and CMAF

Common Encryption (CENC) is fully used by the DVEO DRM service to make a single stream compatible with all DRM clients. 

Supported Platforms

DVEO DRM uses HTML5's standard Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) to deliver video services to Microsoft platforms through browsers. On mobile devices and dedicated streaming devices, licensed implementations of DVEO client technology are built in to many Smart TV and non-Apple streaming devices:


check IE11, Edge browser and applications on Windows

check Apps on iPhone/iPad that use a PlayReady SDK

check Apps on Android phones/tablets that use a DRM SDK (Samsung and some others supported in OS)

check Roku, Amazon Fire and many other streaming media players

check Playstation 4/5 and XBox

check Many Smart TVs


check HLS 
check CMAF
check MSS

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