Low Latency Streaming

Create a new viewing experience for your audience when you broadcast your material live. If you want to provide your viewers with a smooth live video experience, you should do everything you can to reduce the latency of your broadcasts. Your audience will participate in the action in near-real time because of the reduced latency.
The term "latency" refers to the time elapsed between when a picture is taken by your camera and when it appears on the screen of your viewer. The latency should be as minimal as feasible while viewing live material. In the world of professional broadcasting, low latency video streaming is an absolute must.
DVEO includes a low-latency option that works with a broad range of features, projects, and protocols. Without compromise in terms of speed, reliability, quality, or resilience, we can provide your broadcasts from camera to screen.


Stream to all devices without plug-ins, players, or protocols
Support for the latest codecs
Global team and infrastructure
Load tested
If you need, management of the project by professionals
24/7 NOC Technical Support

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