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Experience the ultimate in broadcasting efficiency with DVEO Playout. Our platform, which has a vast variety of features and is known for its reliability and easy workflow, allows you to easily establish professional-grade channels.

Multiple options for a single goal: attract your audience.

On-Premise . In-the-Cloud . Managed Services

Why Choose DVEO Playout?


Flexible Resolutions and Frame Rates

Choose from a vast selection of resolutions and frame rates, ensuring compatibility with various broadcasting standards and requirements.


Playlist Management & Automation

Enjoy easy playlist creation and manipulation with quick insertion of files, lives, URLs, and more. You can also schedule days or weeks in advance with our built-in scheduling application.


Versatile Playback Formats

Our real-time aspect ratio mechanism supports a wide range of formats including MXF, MP4, MPEG, and more, enabling you to effortlessly play various media types within a single playlist.


Streamlined MAM

Organize your files, lives, URLs, and more with ease using our MAM system. Register assets to the database, set properties, and utilize advanced features such as in/out spots, breaks, cuts, and transitions.


Dynamic Character Generation

Create captivating channel graphics effortlessly with our integrated CG Editor, which supports various file formats and text options for dynamic on-screen presentations.


Easy Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) Creation

Generate EPGs from your schedule lists with ease and upload them directly to FTP servers, adhering to global standards while offering customization options.


Key Features of DVEO Playout

  • Cost-effectiveness

    Whether you prefer on-premise, in-the-cloud, or Managed Services, DVEO Playout offers cost-effective solutions tailored to your budget and requirements

  • Flexibility and Reliability

    Benefit from the flexibility to choose between on-premise, cloud-based, or Managed Services, ensuring reliability and scalability to meet your evolving broadcasting needs

  • Advanced Playlist Automation

    Use our user-friendly scheduling program to plan your playlists weeks, if not months, ahead

  • Dynamic CG Branding

    Transform your calendar into appealing visuals, such as presently playing, next planned item, and more

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