Distribution Channel Management

DVEO now provides a Managed Cloud Service of our DOZER™ SRT error correcting software, where we setup, manage and provide bandwidth for you. It’s a cost effective, state-of-the art tool to flawlessly deliver your content safely and reliably. Because, after all, what good is the savings you get from cloud deployment if you can’t get the bytes there reliably?

Standard Features:

  • - Automated Packet Recovery: Unlike FEC protocol, it only sends extra data when packet
    loss is detected by the DOZER SRT receiver and reported to the DOZER sender
  • - Protocol completely corrects packet loss and jitter in transmission path
  • - Underlying traffic is AES128 encrypted
  • - Inputs: SRT SPTS or MPTS, RTSP, RTMP, HLS

Plan per channel
monthly plan

SRT Delivery to 1 Destination Managed Service 
In/Out Bandwidth included


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