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Whether you are a beginner or an expert, our team have created several streaming bundles for you to pick and choose from.

Live Streaming Solutions

Music Package

Music is an important part of everyone’s life especially now. Now you can share your gift of music with the world by streaming your favorite song. Or for professional’s who are teaching music and giving concerts from their living rooms.

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Concerts / Theater Package

Theaters and Concert venues had to close. They are streaming their shows and sharing them with their audiences to keep them entertained by bringing joy and laughter to their theater goers.

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Sports Package

Sports is a fun activity to share with your friends and since we can’t be at each other’s games what better way than to stream your games. Whether it be football, tennis or biking etc. On a professional level coaches can give lessons and provide their feedback.

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Worship Package

In person worship services had to stop and many churches are streaming their live services. Now they can give members of their church a way to worship at home.

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Stream to YouTube, FB, Twitch Package

Have fun streaming your favorite dance routine, tutorials, concerts, advice for pet lovers, or just sharing cute funny videos. Streaming can be used for capturing all types of activities.

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Transportation Package

Transportation services need a way to monitor their web cams for their roads, traffic, and weather conditions on the road. Streaming provides an excellent way to monitor the roads and make sure that they always remain safe.

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Low Latency Streaming Solutions

Gaming Package

Gaming is a huge industry where people can stream their personal gaming with a group of friends. Or for professional gamers who share their content with millions of followers.

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Education Package

Education is so important, and streaming has played a vital role in providing a place where kids and adults can learn with distance learning. This type of learning helps with the flexibility and the accessibility for both the students and the teachers.

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Fitness Package

There is so much that streaming can offer for people managing their businesses. Whether it be for teaching dancing, Yoga, Aerobics, spin classes or any other type of fitness. Your clients can still participate even if they can’t come to you.

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Gambling Package

Explore gambling through streaming. Whether it be a card game online or any other types of games. Or this could be good for professional gamers. Have fun at any level.

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Medical Package

Doctors can stream their surgeries as a teaching method or to receive medical advice from another hospital. Another great application is telemedicine.

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