SDI to IP Multi Profile Encoder

The DVEO SDI to IP Multi Profile Encoder, which has been precisely designed to meet the demands of OTT apps. With its ability to seamlessly integrate SDI encoding, our encoder guarantees error-free transmission for your web streaming requirements.

Our encoder offers unmatched performance and adaptability, including advanced video encoding choices like H.264 and H.265 in addition to AAC and AC3 audio encoding capabilities.

Specifically designed for over-the-top (OTT) applications, our encoder offers support for numerous HLS, DASH, and ABR output profiles, allowing adaptive bitrate streaming to provide the best possible watching experience on a range of devices and network circumstances.

Technical Specifications:

  • SDI Encoder for OTT
  • Video Encode: H264, H265
  • Audio Encode: AAC, AC3
  • Multiple Output Profiles for HLS-DASH ABR
  • Closed Captions

Technical Diagram:

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