Simple Playout

Introducing DVEO Playout, an intuitive solution for streamlining your TV scheduling operations at a reasonable cost. No matter your need, our uncomplicated platform provides simplicity and cost without sacrificing performance.

With DVEO Playout, you may use a variety of inputs, including IP, SDI, and files, to easily combine material from many sources. This adaptability provides interoperability with your current infrastructure, reducing the need for costly modifications.

Output choices are similarly wide, including IP and SDI for easy dissemination across several networks and devices. Whether you're broadcasting on traditional channels or streaming online, DVEO Simple Playout makes it easy for your content to reach your target audience.

Video encoding capabilities include Mpeg2, H264, and H265, allowing you to select the format that best meets your needs. Meanwhile, audio encoding compatibility for AAC, AC3, and MPEG assures high-quality sound for your video footage.

One of the most notable advantages of DVEO Simple Playout is the ability to incorporate text, images, and advertising straight into your broadcast stream. This tool allows you to improve your content with overlays, promos, and revenue options, which are all easily handled within the platform.

Technical Specifications:

  • Inputs: IP, SDI, File
  • Outputs: IP, SDI
  • Video Encode: Mpeg2, H264, H265
  • Audio Encode: AAC, AC3, MPEG
  • Insert Text & Graphics
  • Insert Ads
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