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Analyzer for ST 2110 Uncompressed HD Video over IP via 10 or 40 or 100 GBE

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EZ Probe  

Ultra High Bit Rate, Highly Accurate, Deep Packet, and Traffic, and Video Quality Analyzer with dispersible data sensors designed with 100 Gigabit fiber connections, supporting speeds of 10, 25, 40 and 100 Gbps. Designed to Test, Validate, and Continuously Monitor both IP packet and video quality of critical high end video delivery backbones deployed by major networks and telcos. Supports ST 2110 and ST-2022-6 video and audio I/O. Standards. Configuration al lows 2 default users at once with a maximum of 8 operators (individuals) to analyze 40 signals with no interruptions. The o perators are dependent upon the type of license. The unit also has a default of 40 Gbps data rate which can be increased to 80 Gbps depending on the type of license.

Affordable Small, Multifunction, RF, IP, and ASI Transport Stream Analyzer for 24/7 monitoring of infrastructures based on IP Multicast, RF, or ASI physical connections. Unit features available with high end instrument features with above inputs. It offers adjustable alarms for up to 10 unicast or multicast streams. Superior accuracy created via GPS clock-source. Supports 2022.6 and 2022.7 wide and audio along with AAC, and PCM audio. Features available via licenses.



  • Supports interface speeds from 10, 25, 40, 50 and up to 80 Gigabit on dual 100 GB Mellanox interfaces
  • Linux based design for 24/7/365
  • Capable of viewing and monitoring uncompressed ST2110 video and audio HD, 3G, 4K and 8K resolutions
  • ST2022-7 redundancy is monitored and analyzed when connected to both primary and secondary networks
  • Analytics providing single or multiple stream correlation will immediately reveal any potential critical factor of the transport with intuitive tools and displays
  • Traditional colorimetry, with a full vector-scope consisting of Rec.601, 709 and 2020 compatibility
  • AES-67, PCAP,PTP, Media Window provides multiple graphs for critical parameters
  • Media metadata and deep packet analytics data is also available when vendor interoperability and signaling integrity have been established
  • PTP support with ST2059-2 clock analysis
  • Clock source detection/listing and clock accuracy and class, providing troubleshooting and continuous monitoring of this critical infrastructure in a production network- including accurate path-delay for individual flows
  • Any flow, or signal can be selected in the flow overview or services can be manually bonded into full services consisting of video, audio an ancillary data for easy selection in the service view.
  • Fast access to source selection, and keeping the context of the task, while viewing different signals
  • Continuously collects key networks statistics at multiple points for real time conversion to information
  • Incorporates 2 ea Mellanox 100 GIG I/O cards
  • Identifies jitter, packet loss, packet latency issues with hard data unlike the competition that only tells you that you have a problem.
  • Can compare packet issues across 2 separate data paths.


  • Intuitive GUI for remote access via Wi-Fi orcabled Ethernet
  • Accurate packet behavior, IAT histogram, protocolanalysis and traffic, auto detection of IPuni/multicast
  • HLS, HDS, M-DASH, Smooth Streamâ„¢, RTMP,post-CDN URL token support and manifestvalidation. Innovative framework for measuringdelay of OTT service through distribution chain
  • Return Data Path forwarding of any transportstream monitored with automated alarm triggeredrecording to 32GB of on-board Flash memory
  • PCAP Ethernet packet capture onto on-boardstorage
  • Support for MPEG2-TS. H.264/AVC HD,H265/HEVC 4K, J2K, AAC, PCM Audio, SCTE-35 signaling, T2-MI encapsulation and more
  • Compliant with SMPTE2022.6, 2022.7, IEEE4175and AES67 IP-streams for SDI analytics. AIMSand ASPEN
  • Total packet understanding with the patentedMediaWindowâ„¢ visualization technology forRTP/UDP uni- and multicasts
  • Autonomous operations, EZ PROBE is acompletely freestanding unit with its own CPUand can perform without the need for any externalhost system
  • The award-winning ETR290 Engine with detailedanalytics of Priority 1, 2 and 3 tests plusextensions to test CA behavior, alarm historyview, timeline view and much more
  • Support for integrating with Video BRIDGEcontroller and included Eii API for NMS control
  • Included 10 ETR290 engines, one for each of the10 IP Uni/Multicasts it monitors. Both upgradableto 50.
  • 2 included OTT engines for monitoring up to 20OTT streams
  • 5 years of included software upgrades
Thor ST 2110+100G-SDI EZ Probe RF IP ASI Transport Stream Analyzer