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TS Loop IP™

Multichannel IP Out Stream Player for Continuous or Scheduled MPEG-2 or H.264 Stream Out via IP


Loop Server IP™ 50ch

Loop Source IP, TS Loop

iptvIntel Platinum Partner
Infinity IP Grooming Server™ 50ch 1+TB

linux   iptv   Intel Platinum Partner


Cost Effective, Compact, Super Reliable, MPEG-2, H.264, or H.265 Repeating Transport Stream IP Playout Server, Clip Server or Recorder.  Outputs up to 10 Simultaneous IP Streams.  (Transport Streams Originate from the On-Board SSD Drive.)  Includes a Built-in Transport Stream Analyzer Plus a Playback and Record Scheduler.  Suitable for Both Broadcast and Digital Signage.  Ideal “Install and Forget” Device to Install Anywhere as a Multi-Output TS IP Source.  Ships with Encoded Color Bars and Video Clip of San Diego.  Works well with 4K TS.

Real Time, 1 RU, Quick Starting, Embedded Linux® Based, Remotely Manageable, Multi Channel Streaming Playout Server for Content. Incorporates a Scheduler. Runs on an Intel® Xeon® CPU. Relies on a "Minimal" Linux® Kernel (Residing in a Flash Memory Device) that is Highly Task Optimized for Streaming Many Channels, Operated via a Friendly GUI that can be Run From Anywhere. Specifically Designed for Playing Continuous Streaming to and from Hard Drive. Outputs up to 50 IP Streams at the Same Time. Create Your Own 50 "Streaming" Web Channels with 50 Different Movies or Content Playing on Your Preset Schedule.


Standard Features:

  • IP TS input and IP output over GigE
  • Outputs up to ten simultaneous IP streams
  • Plays back MPEG-2, H.264/AVC (MPEG-4 Part 10), or H.265/HEVC transport streams
  • Tested to work with 4K SD and HD transport streams
  • Includes 120 GB SSD drive -- can be larger
  • SSD drive lets you build, maintain, and use a large local library of Video Clips
  • Can play or record a single playlist in sequence via built-in scheduler
  • Can play or record multiple files without scheduler
  • Supports both SPTS and MPTS
  • Supports unicast or multicast
  • Maximum output bit rate: 450 Mbps
  • Requires very little power
  • Comes with color bars and sample 4K Transport Stream files
  • SSD drive can be loaded by customer with TS through USB 2.0/USB 3.0


  • Trade show signal source
  • Digital Signage – universities, hotels, retail
  • Test Signal generator
  • Backup source for TS over IP
  • Transmission/Loopback Video Source
  • Video over IP server for testing
  • Service interruption messaging


  • Streams multiple output protocols from the on board .5 TB hard drive
  • Use individual files or multiple playlists for input
  • Watch Folder Mechanism for updates
  • Looping or scheduled streaming with NTP
  • Output HLS with MP4, H.264, or optional H.265 ts files
  • Expandable Hard Disk via SANs, etc.
  • Outputs: Fifty simultaneous IP streams through GigE port (RJ45)
  • IP output protocols:  UDP, RTP, RTMP (Open Flash), HTTP, with DLNA support
  • Support for adaptive bitrate streaming protocols such as HTTP Live Streaming and MPEG-DASH
  • Supports M3u8 playlist files (standalone and through HTTP Live)
  • Tested compatible with major brands of IP devices including Amino™, Roku®, Android™, and Apple iPad®
  • Remote GUI includes some scheduling
  • SNMP, REST, SOAP support for remote management and monitoring  
  • Relies on Intel® Xeon® processor


  • Signage server for continuous streaming of multiple channels to multiple end points and devices
  • Streaming Server that resides at ISP or CDN for continuous scheduled or looped streaming service to publish to your web site
  • Build your own streaming utility with streams you prepared that are ready to play
  • Great Movie Player for your school or small hotel
  • Test signal sources
  • Digital Signage


TS Loop IP Loop Server IP 50ch Datasheet

Lantana IP/QAM

Lantana USB+ASI+IP/8VSB    

Small, Standalone, Multi-Function, Frequency Agile, QAM Modulator with Remote Management Software and Playback Scheduler. Accepts MPEG-2 or H.264 Streams (SPTS or MPTS) from IP, ASI, Local USB “Stick”, or SD Memory Card. Perfect Remotely Manageable RF Modulator with Local Storage, for Digital Signage, Trade Shows, Testing, and More. Modify Setup via Any Ethernet Connection – No Computer Required to Operate. Set Up Remotely and Forget.




Standard Features:

  • Input:  IP, DVB-ASI, USB, or SMPTE 310M – plays transport streams from RTP/UDP over Ethernet, SD memory card, USB stick, or ASI source
  • Accepts MPEG-2 or H.264 Streams (SPTS or MPTS)
  • Output: QAM – ITU-T J.83 Annex A/C and B compatible
  • RF Output Frequency: 55-810 MHz
  • Field upgradeable – can be reprogrammed to add additional profiles or new firmware
  • Playback Scheduler for Day, Week, or Month
  • Ships with Java®-based application GUI
  • On board Channel 1-135 selectable RF output up-converter
  • Programmable RF output level (0.1 dB step)
  • Sample transport streams available
  • Special Bundle Prices for multiple modulations
  • Works standalone and will reboot to configured state


  • Digital signage
  • In Store Demo of televisions
  • Sending HD video to multiple monitors in sports arenas and stadiums
  • Set-top box testing
  • Laboratory applications

TVB593/QAM screenshot Main GUI
Main GUI (click to enlarge)

Schedule Task (Click to enlarge)

Playout Scheduler (Click to enlarge) 


Configure IP Input (Click to enlarge)