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End to End Online Video Delivery Platform we can build for you or we help you operate it. Supports all Major CDN's and also available in CLOUD via AWS, AZURE, etc.


The zXORA™ Player

"Your Player" or "Your Middleware"


Simulcrypt to DRM Headend™: Hotel

The zXORA player

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Simulcrypt to DRM

SCTE Shortlist Award 2017
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Provides you a secure, powerful, and easy-to-use, branded enterprise video streaming platform & video player that empowers you to store, encode, manage, share, and stream video as well as digital media content to your subscriber base . Our ZXORA middleware /player enables playback on all mobile devices running Windows, iOS, Android, ROKU, and USB dongle devices like Fire Stick. Individual user-level viewing analytics in our Control Panel track and analyze who is watching what and when. There are the usual must have features like EPG and support for VAST tags. To evaluate our platform you can have access to several installations that will demonstrate the capabilities TELCO’s look for like channel change time and stability of the player.

Zxora is a customizable, fully secure, cloud enabled, middleware for STB's, Android, IOS, ROKU and smart TV platforms that enable cable, OTT, and IPTV operators to bring up a full featured Subscription or Ad Supported TV Service in 60+ days utilizing DVEO's infrastructure platform. This middleware is proven and is ready to deploy on ROKU, IOS, Android, Windows based devices. We support AES-128, Verimatrix and Widevine DRM. Our Control Panel system server is part of most implementations.

This is a compact, affordable, reliable, head end unit designed to securely deliver the comprehensive package of content arriving via a DISH Smartbox® with Simulcrypt CAS and securely convert it to Google "royalty free" Widevine® DRM.  This offering makes DISH TV a very competitive source of secure content for hotels, schools, hospitals, cruise ships, etc.  The Smartbox® and the system have to reside on premises since the simulcrypted content is delivered between them via AES 128.  The unit can also accommodate clear cable or over the air ATSC tuner cards for delivery of free to air content.


  • Provides a state of the art video player GUI with all the features needed to compete in today’s market.
  • Our video player (Zxora) is fully customizable.
  • Our video player supports EPG, SSAI, and VAST tags.
  • Our video player is licensable in blocks of 100, 500, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, or 100,000 licenses
  • All video player licenses are perpetual and come with 6 months of free support.
  • Video players deployments include a small or large scale control panel/server that manges functions of the players.
  • Peripherals include state of the art content “groomers” that translate content for each type of user device.
  • Peripherals include Playout Servers that can support Peta Bytes of storage for movies and curated content.
  • Control panel supports geofencing and IP address control.
  • Supports ingest via Satellite, HDSDI, HLS, or UDP
  • Supports ZIXI and SRT transports between clouds and point to point backhauls.
  • High capacity video server is available for non CDN architecture.
  • Supports both private CDN and high end data center approaches.
  • Video SLA is available if infrastructure is suitably instrumented.
  • Control panel supports many DRM’s
  • Groomers/Transcoders support SCTE 35 markers
  • Playout Servers support SCTE 104


  • Publish compelling content to interested parties who will pay to watch your content on a public network you manage.


  • Works on Android Mobile, Android Set top box, Android TV, iPhone, Apple TV, ROKU, Firestick
  • Real Time EPG Guide
  • Support Ad Insertion and in-stream Ad playback
  • Multiple Services in one application
  • Works on desktop in your browser or as Application
  • Seamless play using HLS
  • Client and server side Ad Insertion using VAST
  • Supports DRM
  • VAST - Pixel Tracking
  • Ad Analytics
  • Targeted Ad Insertion
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Multi-Bitrate support
  • Closed Captions
  • Customizable UI and Theme Experience
  • End-to-end Encrypted Data Delivery (AES)
  • VOD (Video-on-Demand)
  • DVR/PVR (Digital/Personal Video Recording)
  • Record and play back with one touch on EPG
  • Multi language support
  • Peer to Peer – Group Chat while watching program (For 2020 End launch)
  • Usage statistics – To limit use by children!
  • Scaleable from 50 - 5,000,000 users
  • Payment gateway integrated
  • Subscription management services
  • MAC ID based authentication for set top boxes.
  • Compatible with DVEO Playserver


  • IPTV solution for Smartbox®:  Decrypts simulcrypted DISH streams and re-encrypts with IPTV industry standard "royalty-free" Widevine® DRM
  • Output covers the universe of set-top, mobile, or other IP connected devices, including multicast over private network
  • Extendable:  Add non Smartbox® streams such as hotel information, school videos, or IPTV offerings
  • Supports IP delivered Widevine® key services from BuyDRM™ and others
  • Able to re-encrypt 100+ channels simultaneously
  • Dedicated Linux® based appliance that is highly secure with no access to OS or Root
  • Unit will log and report all efforts to tamper with it
  • Auditable logs are available with adjustable duration
  • Application resides on a tamper proof SSD
  • Some channels can be unencrypted
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Provides uncompromised level of security at a reasonable price


  • Hotels, schools, cruise ships, cable head ends
  • Hospitality
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