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Welcome to DVEO Playout: Enhancing Broadcast Quality

Experience the ultimate of broadcasting efficiency with DVEO Playout. Our platform, which has a vast variety of features and is known for its reliability and easy workflow, allows you to easily establish professional-grade channels.

Multiple options for a single goal: attract your audience.

On-Premise In-the-Cloud Managed Services

Why Choose DVEO Playout?

- Flexible Resolutions and Frame Rates: Choose from a vast selection of resolutions and frame rates, ensuring compatibility with various broadcasting standards and requirements.

- Playlist Management & Automation: Enjoy easy playlist creation and manipulation with quick insertion of files, lives, URLs, and more. You also can schedule days or weeks in advance with our built-in scheduling application.

- Versatile Playback Formats: Our real-time aspect ratio mechanism supports a wide range of formats including MXF, MP4, MPEG, and more, enabling you to effortlessly play various media types within a single playlist.

- Streamlined MAM: Organize your files, lives, URLs, and more with ease using our MAM system. Register assets to the database, set properties, and utilize advanced features such as in/out spots, breaks, cuts, and transitions.

- Dynamic Character Generation: Create captivating channel graphics effortlessly with our integrated CG Editor, supporting various file formats and text options for dynamic on-screen presentations.

- Easy Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) Creation: Generate EPGs from your schedule lists with ease and upload them directly to FTP servers, adhering to global standards while offering customization options.

- Multiple Input/Output With a comprehensive selection of input and output options including HDMI/SDI Black Magic, DVB UDP, and Newtek NDI IP, DVEO Playout offers flexibility to suit your needs.

- Automation: DVEO Playout initiates emergency measures automatically in case of issues such as gap fillers or missing files, ensuring uninterrupted broadcasting.

Key Features of DVEO Playout

- Cost-effectiveness: Whether you prefer on-premise, in-the-cloud, or Managed Services, DVEO Playout offers cost-effective solutions tailored to your budget and requirements.

- Flexibility and Reliability: Benefit from the flexibility to choose between on-premise, cloud-based, or Managed Services, ensuring reliability and scalability to meet your evolving broadcasting needs.

- Advanced Playlist Automation: Use our user-friendly scheduling program to plan your playlists weeks, if not months, ahead.

- Dynamic CG Branding: Transform your calendar into appealing visuals, such as presently playing, next planned item, and more.


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